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Ecovim: Frontend Neovim Config

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A non-minimal Neovim config built to work most efficiently with Frontend Development.


  • Configured for TypeScript Development (React.js, Next.js, Vue.js, Angular, Node.js etc.)
  • Great default theme: Tokyonight
  • Lazy loaded via lazy.nvim
  • Highly performant (90ms load time)
  • Extendable LSP configuration via mason.nvim
  • Support for :robot: AI: ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, Codeium and Tabnine
  • Support for TailwindCSS with highlighted colors
  • JSON autocompletion for most popular Frontend configs
  • NPM packages autocompletion in package.json
  • Internal Jest testing and Coverage support
  • Debugging with nvim-dap (works with React.js & React Native)
  • Automatic Treesitter-based folding with imports folded by default
  • Current code context via nvim-navic
  • Beautiful and functional custom statusline built with galaxyline.nvim
  • Git management with Lazygit, custom telescope commits view with git-delta, gitsigns & diffview, custom git blame

And of course usage of telescope, nvim-tree, barbar, cmp, treesitter, blankline & more!






Some of screenshots can be old

TailwindCSS with nvim-cmp


Which Key Menu






Git Commits w/ Telescope


Git Side Blame

Side Blame


Just clone GitHub repo into ~/.config/nvim.


  • Make sure you have installed the latest version of Neovim v0.9.0+ (nightly is preferred).
  • Have wget, curl, unzip, git, make, pip, python, npm, node, luarocks, fd, ripgrep and cargo installed on your system. You can check if you are missing anything with :checkhealth command.
  • Have any nerd font installed. Fira Code has been used in screenshots. You can download it from

After install configuration:

  1. Selected treesitter Languages are installed by default. To check it run :TSInstallInfo. Make sure to run :TSInstall <lang> for specific language you want to install.
  2. LSP servers are enabled by default. You can check installed LSP servers by :Mason command.


To change EcoVim related config use the config/EcoVim.lua file.

To change vim settings use the config/options.lua file.

To change plugin related settings use the specific plugins/[name].lua file. Some of the plugin config can be set up during plugin installation in config/plugins.lua file, where you can add new plugins.


Currently I have no idea how to write for you my whole workflow of using Ecovim config in React.js projects I am working on,
but I can write you the most useful custom key bindings by the frequency I use them.

Space (SPC) is my Leader key.

File Explorer

Key Bindings Description
<C - e> Open File Explorer
Backspace Back to file explorer (in editor normal mode)
g? Open commands menu
a Create new file/directory
x Cut
c Copy
y Copy name
r Rename
I Toggle git ignore files


Key Bindings Description
<C - p> Telescope git files
<S - p> Telescope live grep
s Enables lightspeed
SPC s d Search dotfiles
SPC s h Search file history
SPC s s Search history

Working with LSP:

Key Bindings Description
<C - Space> or SPC c a Code action
<S - K> Show documentation under cursor
gd Go to definition
gr Go to references
]g Go to next diagnostic
[g Go to prev diagnostic
SPC c f Format document (usually ESLint/Prettier)
SPC c r Rename
SPC c q Quick fix - when I exactly know if it will fix it
SPC c d Local diagnostics list
SPC c o Organize imports

Working with Git:

Key Bindings Description
SPC g g Lazygit - for committing and branch change
SPC g s Telescope status - when I want to change/search file I am working on with git changes
]c Go to next change hunk
[c Go to prev change hunk
SPC g d Advanced powerful diff view with many filters for debugging code, checking previous changes etc.
SPC g m View hunk diff of a line under cursor
SPC g h r Reset changed hunk under cursor - I like to check quickly what I have changed in that line and then just type 'u' to go back
SPC g h s Stage hunk under cursor - Sometimes it's faster than selecting lines in Lazygit, so I can stage specific lines and then just do a commit
SPC g l c Quick check of previous commit in current buffer, inside to switch preview
SPC g w c Creates a new worktree. Recommended directory is ../path
SPC g w w Switches to a worktree. removes worktree.

Working with Project:

Key Bindings Description
<C - e> Toggles nvim-tree file explorer
SPC p w Find word under cursor in project - very useful to find where component is used. Just use binding and type '<'. There is a lot of alternatives like LSP references but I like it with telescope and to not find only references but whole text under cursor.
SPC p f Find file under cursor in project - it finds files in project which contains text under cursor. Useful when you name directories by component name in React and wants to go quickly to file. 'gd' is better but in some projects without TS or with mixed JS/TS it cannot work properly
SPC p t Finds TODOs/NOTES in project
SPC p l Switch between projects
SPC p s Save session to load it later from Dashboard


Key Bindings Description
gcc Create/remove comment
gc (visual) Create/remove comment
gcO Create comment line before
gco Create comment line after

Table Mode / Alignment

Key Bindings Description
ga (visual) Aligns selection based on separator (comma, semi-colon, colon etc.)
SPC t m Enables Table Mode. Do it in markdown file with some table and you will see magic
SPC t i C (Only when Table Mode Enabled) Insert column before
SPC t i c (Only when Table Mode Enabled) Insert column after
SPC t d c (Only when Table Mode Enabled) Delete column
SPC t d r (Only when Table Mode Enabled) Delete row
SPC t s (Only when Table Mode Enabled) Sort table alphabetically

Other VERY useful bindings

Key Bindings Description
<S - q> Smartly closes current buffer without breaking UI
<C - a> It is not only increases number, but switches between true/false/const/let/function/arrow function/increment dates etc.
<C - n> Finds next occurrence (like *) of word and puts multi-cursor there. Then you can go to Insert mode, Append, Change or Delete. Read more
<C - o> Jumps to previous cursor in jumplist. I use it very often.
v Smartly selects next subjects of current treesitter context
s Standalone jump to any word with folke/flash.nvim
ciq Change inside ANY quotes (`` or '' or "" etc.) with
cib Change inside ANY brackets ({} or [] or () etc.) with
za Toggle folds. By LSP and nvim-ufo they are automatically added to supported files in smart way.
zM Close all folds
zR Open all folds
zr Open all folds except imports/comments
gJ Smartly joins lines based on treesitter
gS Smartly splits lines based on treesitter. I do if VERY often when I want to put import element to new lines (e.g. import { A, B, C, D, E } from ...)
< F12 > Opens/closes terminal
~ Switch function arguments smartly

Check out the which-key menu and keymappings.lua for most used maps.


Measured on M1.

Ecovim started in 91.13ms

Future Todo

Description Progress
Support more LSPs (not only frontend? - already possible via Mason) 50%
Better configuration of additional LSPs (already possible via Mason) 50%
Project Logo Planned
Auto resize for more consistent UI behavior Planned
Reload in-time support Planned
Description Progress
lazy.nvim instead of packer 100%
Better support for null-ls and local formatting 100%
Better support to project word refactor 100%
Support for nvim-dap debugger for React 100%
Support ESLint & Prettier in Native LSP 100%
Replace coc-explorer with nvim-tree.lua 100%
Replace coc.nvim with Native LSP 100%
Change fzf.nvim to telescope.nvim 100%
Update statusline to support LSP diagnostics 100%
Rewrite most config to lua 100%
Support TailwindCSS with colors 100%
Provide current screenshots 100%
Create shell installer for Linux & MacOS 100%