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3 months ago

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bold and shit

Getting Started

At this time only terminals supporting truecolors will work. Make sure you have set termguicolors in your vimrc

First install using your plugin manager. Rename package to embark using your plugin manager's built in facilities to do so.


use { 'embark-theme/vim', as = 'embark' }


Plug 'embark-theme/vim', { 'as': 'embark', 'branch': 'main' }

Then set embark as colorscheme.


colorscheme embark

Lua for neovim

vim.cmd('colorscheme embark')

For packer users the colorscheme can be placed in the config callback.

use {
  as = 'embark',
  config = function()
    vim.cmd('colorscheme embark')

Lightline support

A lightline theme is also available. Just set your colorscheme to embark.

let g:lightline = {
      \ 'colorscheme': 'embark',
      \ }

Airline support

Airline should just pick up on theme automatically, but if there is an issue with this it can be set manually. let g:airline_theme = 'embark'

Lualine support

Lualine should pick up the theme with the auto setting, or you can set it manually.

require('lualine').setup {
  options = {
    theme = 'embark',


Embark offers a few configuration values to control features. Setting values to 1 will turn the feature on.

Italics - Make sure your terminal is set up to handle them. See this for help getting italics and true color working in your terminal.

let g:embark_terminal_italics = 1

See other available ports at https://embark-theme.github.io/