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2 days ago

Eric Lee's Dotfiles

Neovim Configuration

Firefox and Dock Configuration

Personalized Dotfiles for MacOS with Yabai and Neovim. Shortcuts managed with skhd, karabiner-elements, Alfred

Terminal Workflow

Neovim is my editor of choice, due to customizability, Native LSP, universal versatility, and performance. Kitty is my choice of terminal emulator, as it is much faster than iTerm. Terminal theme is powerlevel10k with zsh.

Neovim Installation

  • Copy .config/nvim to machine
  • Run :Lazy to install packages
  • :Mason to install LSPs, :TSInstall <Lang> to install parsers

Neovim Features

  • Notetaking configuration with LaTeX or Markdown
  • Simple and quick LSP configuration and installer
  • <20ms startup time (On M1 Macbook)

Window Management

Window management utilizes yabai and skhd. sketchybar creates a simple bar above, with easily configurable modules.