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This plugin has been archived, since it should be no longer needed. If any colorscheme stil l doesn't support the new diagnostics highlight groups for Neovim, then just post an issue or a PR to fix it there.

🌈 LSP Colors

Automatically creates missing LSP diagnostics highlight groups for color schemes that don't yet support the Neovim 0.5 builtin lsp client.


✨ Features

  • supports the latest Neovim 0.5 and 0.6 (HEAD) LSP highlight groups
  • support any colorscheme like Nord and Gruvbox
  • existing highlight groups from themes will never be overwritten
  • tries to use coc.nvim groups if they are defined in the theme
  • if not, we fall back to a default set of colors

⚡️ Requirements

  • Neovim >= 0.5.0

📦 Installation

Install the theme with your preferred package manager:


Plug 'folke/lsp-colors.nvim'


use 'folke/lsp-colors.nvim'

🚀 Usage

Nothing special. Just load a colorscheme as usual 🙂

⚙️ Configuration

LSP Colors works out of the box, but you can set the default colors that will be used in case a theme doesn't have LSP nor Coc highlight groups.

-- Lua
  Error = "#db4b4b",
  Warning = "#e0af68",
  Information = "#0db9d7",
  Hint = "#10B981"

Making undercurls work properly in Tmux

To have undercurls show up and in color, add the following to your Tmux config file:

# Undercurl
set -g default-terminal "${TERM}"
set -as terminal-overrides ',*:Smulx=\E[4::%p1%dm'  # undercurl support
set -as terminal-overrides ',*:Setulc=\E[58::2::%p1%{65536}%/%d::%p1%{256}%/%{255}%&%d::%p1%{255}%&%d%;m'  # underscore colours - needs tmux-3.0