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7 months ago

The sleepy Neovim starter

This is a basic, minimal-ish jump-off point for your Neovim journey utilizing lazy.nvim for package management and breaking the config up into three main components:

  • core: This contains the most basic editor set-up, including plain Neovim options, keymaps, and some bootstrapping for lazy.nvim
  • helpers: This is intended to house helper functions that may be required elsewhere in the config
  • plugins: Each of the .lua files in this directory should serve as a lazy.nvim plugin spec


If you're on a Linux system with stow installed, you can simply run

stow --verbose --target=$HOME .

from the root directory of this repository and be up and running!

lazy.nvim will handle the bootstrapping process on first launch. If you run into any issues, try closing Neovim and restarting it again after lazy.nvim has performed the intial bootstrap.

Other projects

If you're looking for other options in the "Neovim config bootstrap market", here are a few cool options to consider