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🛑 stay-in-place.nvim

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stay-in-place.nvim is a Neovim plugin that prevent the cursor from moving when using shift and filter actions.

See this plugin in action!


"Any of you fuckin' cursors move and I'll execute every one of you motherfuckers! Got that?" - Neovim Bunny

✨ Features

When you use shift (> or < keys) or filter (= key), Neovim move your cursor at the beginning of the selected region or doesn't keep the cursor on the same character in line mode. I think it's annoying.

This plugin will:

  • keep your cursor at the same position when using >, < or = operators
    Eg. >ip will not put your cursor at the beginning of the paragraph
  • keep your cursor on the same character when using line >>, << or == operators
  • keep visual selection when using >, < or = operators in visual mode

⚡️ Requirements

Neovim >= 0.7.0

📦 Installation

Install the plugin with your preferred package manager:


-- Lua
  config = function()
      -- your configuration comes here
      -- or leave it empty to use the default settings
      -- refer to the configuration section below

⚙️ Configuration

Stay-in-place comes with the following defaults:

  set_keymaps = true,
  preserve_visual_selection = true,

More details on these options is available in the sections below corresponding to the different features.


Default : true

If true, this will automaticly set keymaps, you can refer to set_keymaps function if you want to set keymaps by yourself.


Default : true

If true, when performing a shift or a filter in visual mode, this will keep visual selection instead of discarding it.