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nvim-commaround comes and goes around, comments up and down! It toggles comments for visual blocks or inline code according to the buffer filetype: it works out of the box, it is awesome!


Install it using your favourite plugin manager; for instance if you are using vim-plug

Plug 'gennaro-tedesco/nvim-commaround'


Visually select the lines you want to act on and toggle commaround: the default mapping is

vmap <leader>c <Plug>ToggleCommaround

The plugin detects the buffer filetype and inserts block or line comments according to the selection.



The list of filetypes configuration characters can be found here. To add comment characters for a new filetype (or to modify the existing ones) specify the below in your nvim configurations (init.vim or any other option file being sourced at start-up), say

lua require('nvim-commaround.config').config["todo"] = {single = "--!", block = {left = "/*!", right = "!*/"}}

replacing "todo" with any specific filetype; leave {single = "--!", block = nil} in case no block comments are available.

To change the default mapping to toggle comments define any right hand side of the option below, for example

let g:toggle_commaround = 'gcc'

Unit tests

We make use of the busted framework for unit tests; run them with

busted -C lua


If you find this plugin useful consider awarding it a ⭐, it is a great way to give feedback! Otherwise, any additional suggestions or merge request is warmly welcome!