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If only one could easily browse and preview json files in neovim. Oh wait, nvim-jqx does just that!


Install it using your favourite plugin manager: for instance

  ft = { "json", "yaml" },

Notice that jq is a prerequisite, as this plugin executes jq queries internally.


nvim-jqx exposes two commands: JqxList and JqxQuery. Open a json file and issue JqxList: the json is prettified and the quickfix window is populated with the first level keys. Press X on a key to query its values and show the results in a floating window; alternatively <CR> takes you to its location in the file.


JqxList also accepts an optional argument representing the json type you want to subselect: for example JqxList number populates the quickfix with entries of type number only, so do JqxList string, JqxList boolean and so forth, respectively: this is quite useful for big files where you want to have a quick peek at, say, some numerical values only or similar. For a full list of available types see h: jqx-usage or simply hit <Tab> to show the autocomplete for available types.

To execute more complicated and generic jq commands use JqxQuery instead; the prompt helps autocomplete with the file keys for easy typing. Open a json file test.json and issue JqxQuery <my-query>: this translates into jq ".<my-query>" test.json as shown below

# JqxQuery grammar
JqxQuery friends[2].name
"Michael Marquez"

# jq equivalent
jq '.friends[2].name' test.json
"Michael Marquez"


Default commands

command description
JqxList populate the quickfix window with json keys
JqxList string populate the quickfix window with string values
JqxQuery executes a generic jq query in the current file
<CR> go to key location in file
X query values of key under cursor
<Esc> close floating window

Try it out directly with nvim examples/test.json -c JqxList.

For more in-depth description and explanations check the documentation :h nvim-jqx and links therein.

Yaml files

nvim-jqx works on yaml files too. It requires, however, to install yq. Try it out directly with nvim examples/test.yaml -c JqxList, or execute JqxQuery on a yaml file.

⚠️ this plugin works with the Python implementation of yq by @kislyuk, not to be confused with the Go implementation of yq by @mikefarah.


If you prefer key-mappings rather than commands simply bind

nmap ... <Plug>JqxList

The configurable options are exposed in nvim-jqx/config.lua and can be overridden at will. For example, with lazy.nvim you can configure them as

    init = function()
        local jqx = require("nvim-jqx.config")
        jqx.geometry.border = "single"
        jqx.geometry.width = 0.7

        jqx.query_key = "X"         -- keypress to query jq on keys
        jqx.sort = false            -- show the json keys as they appear instead of sorting them alphabetically
        jqx.show_legend = true      -- show key queried as first line in the jqx floating window
        jqx.use_quickfix = false    -- if you prefer the location list

Why not automatically formatting your json files as you open them? Set up the autogroup

local jqx = vim.api.nvim_create_augroup("Jqx", {})
vim.api.nvim_clear_autocmds({ group = jqx })
vim.api.nvim_create_autocmd("BufWinEnter", {
    pattern = { "*.json", "*.yaml" },
    desc = "preview json and yaml files on open",
    group = jqx,
    callback = function()


If you find this plugin useful consider awarding it a ⭐, it is a great way to give feedback! Otherwise, any additional suggestions or merge request is warmly welcome!