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2 months ago

Coerce is a Neovim plugin that enables you to quickly change a keyword’s case. Coerce’s framework is also capable of any short-text, single-command text manipulation, e.g., turning selected text into its numeronym.

Example session


⚡️ Requirements

  • Neovim 0.9+
  • Optional plugin dependencies:

📦 Installation

Install the plugin with your preferred package manager, such as Lazy:

  tag = 'v1.0',
  config = true,

Abolish setup

This plugin effectively replaces Abolish’s coercion functionality. If you wish to keep it for its other features, you can disable the coercion feature like so:

  init = function()
    -- Disable coercion mappings. I use coerce.nvim for that.
    vim.g.abolish_no_mappings = true

🚀 Usage

You can use Coerce to coerce words into various cases using modes.

  • A case is a function that changes a word into another word, e.g., the word’s camel case version.
  • A mode specifies how Coerce triggers, selects and transforms the word, e.g., select whatever is currently visually selected.

Quick start

  1. Put the cursor inside a keyword.
  2. Press crX, where X stands for your desired case. Which key, if present, will show you hints.

Built-in cases

Case Key
camelCase c d
kebab-case k
n12e n
PascalCase p
snake_case s
path/case /

Built-in modes

Vim mode Keymap prefix Selector Transformer
Normal cr current word LSP rename/local
Normal gcr motion selection local
Visual gcr visual selection local

The default visual prefix is gcr and not cr in order to avoid a conflict with the default c..

Tips & tricks

Visually selecting a previously changed keyword

You may coerce a keyword in such a way that it stops being keyword, e.g., you use the path case in most programming languages. In that case, just running cr again won’t fully revert the case. You’ll need to visually select the word to fix it.

To quickly select a changed keyword, you can configure a special keymap for doing that. For example, here’s how I have it set up:

  g = {
    p = {
      -- "p" makes sense, gv selects the last Visual selection, so this one
      -- selects the last pasted text.
          vim.api.nvim_feedkeys("`[" .. vim.fn.strpart(vim.fn.getregtype(), 0, 1) .. "`]", "n", false)
      "Switch to VISUAL using last paste/change",

With that, I can use gp to select whatever I have just coerced.

⚙️ Configuration


The default configuration looks like so:

  keymap_registry = require("coerce.keymap").keymap_registry(),
  -- The notification function used during error conditions.
  notify = function(...) return vim.notify(...) end,
  -- If you don’t like the default cases and modes, you can override them.
  cases = require"coerce".default_cases,
  modes = require"coerce".default_modes,

You may freely modify the config parameters to your liking.

Register a new case

You can register a new case like so:

  keymap = "l",
  case = function(str)
    return vim.fn.tolower(str)
  description = "lowercase",

Register a new mode

You can register a new mode like so:

  vim_mode = "v",
  keymap_prefix = "gc",
  selector = function()
    local s, e = -- Your function that finds start and end points.
                 -- For example, returning {0, 0}, {0, 5} selects the first 6
                 -- characters of the current buffer.
    local region_m = require"coerce.region"
    return region_m(region_m.modes.INLINE, s, e)
  transformer = require"coerce.transformer".transform_local,

✅ Comparison to similar tools

Text-case is more feature-rich than Coerce, but if you just need to change case of the current keyword, Coerce is simpler.

Feature Coerce Text-case Abolish
Full Unicode support
Which Key integration
nvim-notify integration
Current keyword coerce
Visual selection
Motion selection
LSP rename
Kebab case
Numeronym “case”
Custom case support
Custom mode support

🙏 Acknowledgments

This plugin was inspired by Abolish’s coercion feature. I created this plugin to address Abolish’s shortcomings, which are:

  • No integration with Which Key or Legendary.
  • Little configurability. I couldn’t extend the plugin with new cases.

I used Text-case’s source code to inform myself on how to do things in Neovim.

The logo is based on a fist SVG from SVG Repo.