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csharp.nvim is a Neovim plugin written in Lua, powered by omnisharp-roslyn, that aims to enhance the development experience for .NET developers.

*� NOTE: This plugin is in early development stage.


  • Locally Install fd.

🚀 Installation

Using lazy.nvim:

  dependencies = {
    "williamboman/mason.nvim", -- Required, automatically installs omnisharp
    "Tastyep/structlog.nvim", -- Optional, but highly recommended for debugging
  config = function ()
      require("mason").setup() -- Mason setup must run before csharp

⚙ Configuration

-- These are the default values
    lsp = {
        -- When set to false, csharp.nvim won't launch omnisharp automatically.
        enable = true,
        -- When set, csharp.nvim won't install omnisharp automatically. Instead, the omnisharp instance in the cmd_path will be used.
        cmd_path = nil,
        -- The default timeout when communicating with omnisharp
        default_timeout = 1000,
        -- Settings that'll be passed to the omnisharp server
        enable_editor_config_support = true,
        organize_imports = true,
        load_projects_on_demand = false,
        enable_analyzers_support = true,
        enable_import_completion = true,
        include_prerelease_sdks = true,
        analyze_open_documents_only = false,
        enable_package_auto_restore = true,
        -- Launches omnisharp in debug mode
        debug = false,
        -- The capabilities to pass to the omnisharp server
        capabilities = nil,
        -- on_attach function that'll be called when the LSP is attached to a buffer
        on_attach = nil
    logging = {
        -- The minimum log level.
        level = "INFO",
    dap = {
        -- When set, csharp.nvim won't launch install and debugger automatically. Instead, it'll use the debug adapter specified.
        --- @type string?
        adapter_name = nil,

🌟 Features

Automatically Installs and Configures LSP

The plugin will automatically install the LSP omnisharp and configure it for use.

:warning: Remove omnisharp configuration from lspconfig as the plugin handles configuring and running omnisharp. If you prefer configuring omnisharp manually using lspconfig, disable this feature by setting lsp.enable = false in the configuration.

Effortless Debugging

The plugin will automatically install the debugger netcoredbg and configure it for use. The goal of this functionality is to provide an effortless debugging experience to .NET developers, all you need to do is install the plugin and execute require("csharp").debug_project() and the plugin will take care of the rest. To make this possible the debugger supports the following features:

  • Automatically detects the executable project in the solution, or let you select if there are multiple executable projects.
  • Supports launch settings to configure environmentVariables, applicationUrl, and commandLineArgs.
    • Support is limited to launch profiles with CommandName == Project.
  • Uses .NET CLI to build the debugee project.


In the illustration above, there's a solution with 3 projects, 2 of which are executable, and only one has launch settings file.

Run Project

Similar to the debugger, the plugin exposes the function require("csharp").run_project() that supports selection of an executable project, launch profile, builds and runs the project.


Remove Unnecessary Using Statements

Removes all unnecessary using statements from a document. Trigger this feature via the Command :CsharpFixUsings or use the Lua function below.



TIP: You can run this feature automatically before a buffer is saved.

-- Listen to LSP Attach
vim.api.nvim_create_autocmd("LspAttach", {
  callback = function (args)
    local augroup = vim.api.nvim_create_augroup("LspFormatting", {})
    vim.api.nvim_create_autocmd("BufWritePre", {
      group = augroup,
      buffer = args.buf,
      callback = function()

        -- Format the code before you run fix usings
        vim.lsp.buf.format({ timeout = 1000, async = false })

        -- If the file is C# then run fix usings
        if vim.bo[0].filetype == "cs" then

Fix All

This feature allows developers to efficiently resolve a specific problem across multiple instances in the codebase (e.g., a document, project, or solution) with a single command. You can run this feature using the Command :CsharpFixAll or the Lua function below. When the command runs, it'll launch a dropdown menu asking you to choose the scope in which you want the plugin to search for fixes before it presents the different options to you.



Enhanced Go-To-Definition (Decompilation Support)

Similar to omnisharp-extended-lsp.nvim, this feature allows developers to navigate to the definition of a symbol in the codebase with decompilation support for external code.



:beetle: Reporting Bugs

  1. Set debug level to TRACE via the configurations.
  2. Reproduce the issue.
  3. Open an issue in GitHub with the following details:
    • Description of the bug.
    • How to reproduce.
    • Relevant logs, if possible.

:heart_eyes: Contributing & Feature Suggestions

I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions for new features! Feel free to create an issue and share your thoughts. We can't wait to discuss them and bring them to life!


  • Setup Debugger
  • Solution Explorer
  • Switching Solution
  • Support Source Generator
  • Support Razor