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Moonicipal is a task runner that focuses on personal tasks that are easy to write and to change:

  • Task files are personal - users can edit them without breaking the workflow for other developers that use the same project.
  • Tasks are Lua functions that run inside Neovim - they can can easily access all of Neovim's context and functionalities, and easily interact with other Neovim plugins.
  • The task functions always run in coroutines, and some helpers are provided for writing async code instead of using callbacks.
  • The task file is reloaded each time a user runs a task, so it can be edited rapidly.
  • Caching facilities for saving things like build configuration or test/example-to-run without having to change the tasks file each time.

Moonicipal is the successor to the Pythonic test runner Omnipytent. Since Moonicipal is written in Lua and executes tasks that are written in Lua, it allows for better integration with Neovim and with Lua plugins and for simpler semantics of asynchronous tasks.

For a more through explanation, please refer to this blog post:



  • Task file editing.
  • Running tasks by name.
  • Running tasks with selection UI.
  • Tasks run in coroutines.
  • Helpers for writing async tasks.
  • Utilities for caching user selections.
  • Support setting up custom selection UI, for utilizing the full power of FZF/Telescope.
  • Use custom selection UI for rich :MC selection menu, where e.g. keymaps can be used to edit tasks instead of running them.
  • Customizing the tasks file template.
  • null-ls source with customizable code actions for creating commonly used tasks.
  • Allow writing the tasks file in Fennel (and other Lua based languages?)


Install Moonicipal with your plugin manager of choice, and add this to your init.lua:

require'moonicipal'.setup {
    file_prefix = '.my-username',

file_prefix is optional - if left unset, Moonicipal will set it using the username form the OS. See :help MoonicipalSettings for more setup options.


In a project, run :MCedit build which will open a new tasks file that looks like this:

local moonicipal = require'moonicipal'
local T = moonicipal.tasks_file()

function T:build()

Where | is the location of the cursor in insert mode. Write your task - for example, let's use vim.cmd to run Vim's :make command:

local moonicipal = require'moonicipal'
local T = moonicipal.tasks_file()

function T:build()

Save the tasks file, and run :MC build. Alternatively, run :MC and pick build using Neovim's selection UI. This will run your task.

Use :MCedit again (with or without parameter) to go back to the task file and edit it whenever you want.


Moonicipal tasks, being Lua functions that run in Neovim's context, can use any Neovim plugin with ease. There are, however, some supplemental plugins that do not depend on it but were created in order to run inside Moonicipal tasks. The can be used separately but will probably not be as useful without Moonicipal.

  • Channelot - for running and controlling jobs, with or without a terminal. Job control is based on Lua coroutines, so Moonicipal tasks can easily use it without having to use the callbacks of Neovim's regular job API.
    • When using Channelot to compile, lint, or do anything else that emits parsable errors, Blunder can be used to parse these errors into the quickfix list. Blunder can also be used on its own (even without Moonicipal), but unless used together with Channelot it does not support the coroutine synchornization method that Moonicipal generally uses, which means that require'blunder'.run('...') will run after the rest of the task.
  • BuffLS - a null-ls source that can be customized for a specific buffer. Works great with Moonicipal's cached_data_cell, where it allows to easily add code actions and completions tailored for the specific data cell inside the Moonicipal action that creates it.