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Telescope extension which lets you open and preview the current file at any previous commit, without detaching HEAD (i.e., without using git checkout). The file can be opened in the current buffer, new split, new tab or in your web browser. The file is opened as a fugitive-object, so all vim-fugitive mappings can be used.


What is the difference between this plugin and :Telescope git_bcommits?

There are a few key differences between this plugin and :Telescope git_bcommits:

  • Purpose: The purpose of this plugin is to open the current file at a previous version, without affecting the rest of your git workflow. By default, git_bcommits checks out the entire repository on selection, which affects everything you are currently doing. If you have unstaged changes the checkout will also fail.
  • Moved files: This plugin handles moved/renamed files. For example, if the current file used to be called foo.lua at a specific commit but is now called bar/baz.lua, the preview will still be shown. This is not the case for git_bcommits. The actions will also work as expected.
  • Previewer: The previewer in this plugin shows how the file looked at that commit, which is useful for quickly seeing how the file has changed. The previewer for git_bcommits shows the diff.



Using lazy.nvim

Add this plugin as a dependency to telescope.nvim, like this:

    dependencies = {
            dependencies = { "tpope/vim-fugitive" }


Call require("telescope").load_extension("git_file_history") somewhere after your telescope setup:

    -- Your telescope config here



Configure this plugin by using the extensions.git_file_history table in your telescope configuration. This plugin comes with the following defaults:

local gfh_actions = require("telescope").extensions.git_file_history.actions

    -- The rest of your telescope config here

    extensions = {
        git_file_history = {
            -- Keymaps inside the picker
            mappings = {
                i = {
                    ["<C-g>"] = gfh_actions.open_in_browser,
                n = {
                    ["<C-g>"] = gfh_actions.open_in_browser,

            -- The command to use for opening the browser (nil or string)
            -- If nil, it will check if xdg-open, open, start, wslview are available, in that order.
            browser_command = nil,


Run :Telescope git_file_history or use:



This plugin does not define any keymaps for opening the actual picker, but it has some default keymaps inside the picker:

Keymaps Action
<C-g> Open current file at commit in web browser
select (Telescope default: <CR>) Open current file at commit in current buffer
select_vertical (Telescope default: <C-v>) Open current file at commit in vertical split
select_horizontal (Telescope default: <C-x>) Open current file at commit in horizontal split
select_tab (Telescope default: <C-t>) Open current file at commit in new tab

The select, select_vertical, select_horizontal and select_tab keymaps are configured by telescope.

Windows support

This plugin currently does not support Windows (#8)