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2 years ago

Modus Color Schemes

This is a color scheme developed by Protesilaos Stavrou for emacs. This theme conforms to the highest color contrast between background and foreground values (WCAG AAA). I have attempted to port it to neovim using lua.


  • The master branch of the theme no longer depends on colorbuddy.
  • The theme also support 256 colors now(In the master branch).

Getting Started

If you are using the stable neovim (version 0.4.4 at the time) install tjdevries/colorbuddy.nvim and use the stable branch of this theme.

Also make sure to enable termguicolors.


Vim Plug

Plug 'ishan9299/modus-theme-vim'  -- if using nightly neovim
Plug 'ishan9299/modus-theme-vim', {'branch': 'stable'} -- only if you are not using nightly


call minpac#add('ishan9299/modus-theme-vim') -- if using nightly neovim
call minpac#add('ishan9299/modus-theme-vim', {'branch': 'stable'}) -- only if you are not using nightly

Vim Packages

In the terminal execute this command. Read :h packages

cd ~/.config/nvim
mkdir -p pack/packages/{opt,start}
git submodule add --name modus-theme-vim pack/packages/start/modus-theme-vim
# also remember to check out to stable if using neovim 0.4.4


  use 'ishan9299/modus-theme-vim'

To set the current theme.

In lua

vim.cmd('colorscheme modus-vivendi') -- Dark
-- or
vim.cmd('colorscheme modus-operandi') -- Light

In vimscript

colorscheme modus-vivendi -- Dark
" or
colorscheme modus-operandi -- Light


The theme has multiple configuration options.

  • vim.g.modus_moody_enable (you need galaxline for this to work)
  • vim.g.modus_yellow_comments
  • vim.g.modus_green_strings
  • vim.g.modus_faint_syntax
  • vim.g.modus_cursorline_intense
  • vim.g.modus_termtrans_enable (use this if you want a transperent background)
  • vim.g.modus_dim_inactive_window (default 1, set to 0 to disable)

To do the same in viml.

  • let g:modus_moody_enable
  • let g:modus_yellow_comments
  • let g:modus_green_strings
  • let g:modus_faint_syntax
  • let g:modus_cursorline_intense
  • let g:modus_termtrans_enable
  • let g:modus_dim_inactive_window (default 1, set to 0 to disable)

All these options are disabled by default. To enable them set the value 1.



Screenshot from 2021-05-11 12-43-02

The right side has all the options enabled. The statusbar on the left is expressline. The font is Victor Mono.

Plugins Explicitly Configured

  • TreeSitter
  • Telescope
  • Startify
  • gitsigns
  • GalaxyLine
  • nvim-ts-rainbow

Please feel free to open an issue if you want other plugins to be included.

Syntax Highlighting Configured for these languages

  • viml
  • python
  • nix
  • lua

TreeSitter is supported if there is a language that isn't properly highlighted please open an issue.


  • vim is not supported.
  • It is not well tested with the stable neovim (version 0.4.4) please open an issue or consider using nightly.
  • For using these colorschemes in your terminal
  • To covert the hexcolor codes to the nearest 256 color I used this javascript code.

Maybe Checkout

  1. nvim-solarized-lua