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This plugin aims to give you the functionality of VSCode's remote container development plugin. It will allow you to spawn and develop in docker containers and pulls config information from a devcontainer.json file.

Available Lua Functions

  • parseConfig: parses devcontainer.json file--takes in argument specifying type (dockerCompose, dockerFile, image)
  • attachToContainer: Attaches to a docker container or builds a container from a user chose image
  • buildImage: Builds container from the Dockerfile specified in the devcontainer.json file. Takes a boolean parameter to determine whether or not to show the build process in a floating window or in the quickfix list.
  • composeUp: Brings docker-compose up
  • composeDown: Brings docker-compose down
  • composeDestroy: Destorys docker-compose containers

Available Vim Commands

  • AttachToContainer wrapper for the attachToContainer lua function.
  • BuildImage wrapper for the buildImage lua function, takes "true" or "false" as an argument to decide whether or not to show the build progress in a floating window.
  • StartImage lists all available images and starts the one selected by you given the arguments found in the devcontainer.json file in your project's workspace.
  • ComposeUp wrapper for composeUp lua function.
  • ComposeDown wrapper for composeDown lua function.
  • ComposeDestroy wrapper for composeDestroy lua function.


Set your statusline to reflect the current connected container through g:currentContainer:

hi Container guifg=#BADA55 guibg=Black
set statusline+=%#Container#%{g:currentContainer}


Before using this plugin, you should install the jsonc treesitter module: :TSInstall jsonc, this is needed to parse the config file.

If you are in the root directory that has the .devcontainer/ folder, you can run the following vim commands:

" If you haven't built the image specified in your config.
" Takes `true` or `false` depending on whether or not you want to see the build progress in a floating window.
" Attach to the container you just built / a previously built container
" Start a container from a pre-built image

" Runs the docker-compose -f <file> up
" Runs docker-compose -f <file> down
" Runs docker-compose rm <file> -fsv


Lua code is formatted in a pre-commit hook using stylelua. Please install this as part of contributing to the project. Contributors using Linux may use the pre-push hook to ensure formatting. Install the pre-push hook by running tools/init.sh.