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This repo hosts my Nvim configuration for Linux, macOS, and Windows. init.lua is the config entry point for terminal Nvim, and ginit.vim is the additional config file for GUI client of Nvim.

My configurations are heavily documented to make it as clear as possible. While you can clone the whole repository and use it, it is not recommended though. Good configurations are personal. Everyone should have his or her unique config file. You are encouraged to copy from this repo the part you want and add it to your own config.

To reduce the possibility of breakage, this config is only maintained for the latest nvim stable release. No effort is spent on maintaining backward compatibility.

Install and setup

See doc here on how to install Nvim's dependencies, Nvim itself, and how to set up on different platforms (Linux, macOS, and Windows).


UI Demo

For more UI demos, check here.

Start screen with dashboard-nvim

File fuzzy finding using LeaderF

Code autocompletion with nvim-cmp

Git add, commit and push via fugitive.vim

Command-line autocompletion with wilder.nvim


Cursor jump via hop.nvim

Go to a string starting with se

GUI-style notification with nvim-notify


Some of the shortcuts I use frequently are listed here. In the following shortcuts, <leader> represents ASCII character ,.

Shortcut Mode platform Description
<leader>ff Normal Linux/macOS/Win Fuzzy file searching in a floating window
<leader>fh Normal Linux/macOS/Win Fuzzy help file grepping in a floating window
<leader>fg Normal Linux/macOS/Win Fuzzy project-wide grepping in a floating window
<leader>ft Normal Linux/macOS/Win Fuzzy buffer tag searching in a floating window
<leader>fb Normal Linux/macOS/Win Fuzzy buffer switching in a floating window
<leader><Space> Normal Linux/macOS/Win Remove trailing white spaces
<leader>v Normal Linux/macOS/Win Reselect last pasted text
<leader>ev Normal Linux/macOS/Win Edit Nvim config in a new tabpage
<leader>sv Normal Linux/macOS/Win Reload Nvim config
<leader>st Normal Linux/macOS/Win Show highlight group for cursor text
<leader>q Normal Linux/macOS/Win Quit current window
<leader>Q Normal Linux/macOS/Win Quit all window and close Nvim
<leader>w Normal Linux/macOS/Win Save current buffer content
<leader>y Normal Linux/macOS/Win Copy the content of entire buffer to default register
<leader>cl Normal Linux/macOS/Win Toggle cursor column
<leader>cd Normal Linux/macOS/Win Change current working directory to to the dir of current buffer
<space>t Normal Linux/macOS/Win Toggle tag window (show project tags in the right window)
<leader>gs Normal Linux/macOS/Win Show Git status result
<leader>gw Normal Linux/macOS/Win Run Git add for current file
<leader>gd Normal Linux/macOS/Win Run git diff for current file
<leader>gc Normal Linux/macOS/Win Run git commit
<leader>gpl Normal Linux/macOS/Win Run git pull
<leader>gpu Normal Linux/macOS/Win Run git push
<leader>gl Normal/Visual Linux/macOS/Win Get perm link for current/visually-select lines
<leader>gb Normal macOS Browse current git repo in browser
<F9> Normal Linux/macOS/Win Compile&run current source file (for C++, LaTeX, Lua, Python)
<F11> Normal Linux/macOS/Win Toggle spell checking
<F12> Normal Linux/macOS/Win Toggle paste mode
\x Normal Linux/macOS/Win Close location or quickfix window
\d Normal Linux/macOS/Win Close current buffer and go to previous buffer
{count}gb Normal Linux/macOS/Win Go to buffer {count} or next buffer in the buffer list.
{operator}iB Normal Linux/macOS/Win Operate in the whole buffer, {operator} can be v, y, c, d etc.
Alt-k Normal Linux/macOS/Win Move current line or selected lines up
Alt-j Normal Linux/macOS/Win Move current line or selected lines down
Alt-m Normal macOS/Win Markdown previewing in system browser
Alt-Shift-m Normal macOS/Win Stopping Markdown previewing in system browser
ob Normal/Visual macOS/Win Open link under cursor or search visual selection
ctrl-u Insert Linux/macOS/Win Turn word under cursor to upper case
ctrl-t Insert Linux/macOS/Win Turn word under cursor to title case
jk Insert Linux/macOS/Win Return to Normal mode without lagging

Custom commands

In addition to commands provided by various plugins, I have also created some custom commands for personal use.

command description example
Redir capture command output to a tabpage for easier inspection. Redir hi
Edit edit multiple files at the same time, supports globing Edit *.vim
Datetime print current date and time or convert Unix time stamp to date and time Datetime 12345 or Datetime


If you find anything that needs improving, do not hesitate to point it out or create a PR.

If you come across an issue, you can first use :checkhealth command provided by nvim to trouble-shoot yourself. Please read carefully the messages provided by health check.

If you still have an issue, open a new issue.

Further readings

Some of the resources that I find helpful in mastering Nvim is documented here. You may also be interested in my posts on configuring Nvim: