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2 days ago


This neovim plugin allows you to cycle folds open or closed.


If you find any problems or have suggestions for improvements, do open an issue! :)

This plugin is inspired by and borrows (heavily!) from vim-fold-cycle.


With packer:

use {
  config = function()


The following functions expose the functionality of the plugin:

  • require('fold-cycle').open(): Open the next level of (nested) folds
  • require('fold-cycle').close(): Close the next level of (nested) folds
  • require('fold-cycle').open_all(): Open a fold and all its nested folds
  • require('fold-cycle').close_all(): Close a fold and all its nested folds
  • require('fold-cycle').toggle_all(): Toggle a fold and its nested folds closed/open

See the next section for how to create keymaps for these functions.


The setup function allows adjusting various settings. By default it sets the following:

  open_if_max_closed = true,    -- closing a fully closed fold will open it
  close_if_max_opened = true,   -- opening a fully open fold will close it
  softwrap_movement_fix = false -- see below

If you're on Neovim <0.9, I suggest setting softwrap_movement_fix to true. When set to true, the plugin remaps j/k to gj/gk (when softwrap is enabled) allowing you to move up and down through softwrapped lines. Moreover -- and this is why this functionality is included with this plugin -- the setting fixes this annoying neovim bug that makes navigating folds more difficult. This setting should preserve all the normal operations of j/k when softwrap is disabled and when j/k is used with v:count (e.g. 5k or 2j).

The plugin doesn't set any keymaps by default. I use the following:

vim.keymap.set('n', '<tab>',
  function() return require('fold-cycle').open() end,
  {silent = true, desc = 'Fold-cycle: open folds'})
vim.keymap.set('n', '<s-tab>',
  function() return require('fold-cycle').close() end,
  {silent = true, desc = 'Fold-cycle: close folds'})
vim.keymap.set('n', 'zC',
  function() return require('fold-cycle').close_all() end,
  {remap = true, silent = true, desc = 'Fold-cycle: close all folds'})