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This neovim plugin allows you to follow markdown links by pressing enter when the cursor is positioned on a link. It supports:

  • absolute file paths (e.g. [a file](/home/user/file.md))
  • relative file paths (e.g. [a file](../somefile.txt))
  • file paths beginning with ~ (e.g. [a file](~/folder/a_file)).
  • reference links (e.g. [a file][label]. [label]: ~/folder/a_file)
  • web links (e.g. [wikipedia](https://wikipedia.org))

Local files are opened in neovim and web links are opened with the default browser. Web links need to start with https:// or http:// to be identified properly.

This plugin is tested against the latest stable version of neovim. It might work with other versions, but this is not guaranteed.



use {

As this plugin uses nvim-treesitter to identify links, you will need that plugin, and you will need to make sure you have the treesitter markdown and markdown_inline parsers installed. You can check whether that is the case by looking at the entries in :checkhealth nvim-treesitter (there should be a tick in the "H" column). If the markdown parsers are missing, install it with TSInstall markdown markdown_inline or by adding them to ensure_installed in your nvim-treesitter setup function.


The plugin maps <cr> in normal mode to open links in markdown files. You might also want to add the following keymap to easily go back to the previous file with backspace:

vim.keymap.set('n', '<bs>', ':edit #<cr>', { silent = true })