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2 months ago


This neovim plugin allows you to easily send lines from the current buffer to another kitty terminal. I use it mostly as a poor man's REPL, e.g. I start ipython in the kitty terminal and send buffer lines to it.

This plugin is inspired by and heavily borrows from vim-kitty-runner.

If you run into trouble using the plugin or have suggestions for improvements, do open an issue! :)


The plugin implements the following commands:

  • :KittyOpenRunner: Open a new kitty terminal (called a runner in the context of this plugin)
  • :KittySendLines: Send the line at the current cursor position or the lines of current visual selection
  • :KittyRunCommand: Prompt for a command and send it
  • :KittyReRunCommand: Send the last command
  • :KittyClearRunner: Clear the runner's screen
  • :KittyKillRunner: Kill the runner

By default a number of keymaps are created (see below to turn this off):

  • <leader>to: :KittyOpenRunner
  • <leader>tr: :KittyRunCommand
  • <leader>ts: :KittySendLines
  • <leader>tc: :KittyClearRunner
  • <leader>tk: :KittyKillRunner
  • <leader>tl: :KittyReRunCommand


With packer:

use {
  config = function()


The setup function allows adjusting various settings. By default it sets the following:

  -- name of the kitty terminal:
  runner_name = "kitty-runner-" .. uuid,
  -- kitty arguments when sending lines/command:
  run_cmd = {"send-text", "--"},
  -- kitty arguments when killing a runner:
  kill_cmd = {"close-window"},
  -- use default keymaps:
  use_keymaps = true,
  -- the port used to communicate with the kitty terminal:
  kitty_port = "unix:/tmp/kitty-" .. uuid,
  -- the type of window that kitty will create:
  -- - os-window = a new window
  -- - window = a new split within the current window (see below)
  -- - More info: https://sw.kovidgoyal.net/kitty/glossary/#term-os_window
  mode = "os-window"

Window Mode

By default kitty-runner will open OS level windows, if you would like to open "kitty windows" or splits inside your current window you can configure like so:

local opts = require("kitty-runner.config").window_config

...which will setup the following:

  runner_name = "kitty-runner-" .. uuid,
  run_cmd = { "send-text", "--match=title:" .. "kitty-runner-" .. uuid },
  kill_cmd = { "close-window", "--match=title:" .. "kitty-runner-" .. uuid },
  use_keymaps = true,
  kitty_port = "unix:/tmp/kitty",
  mode = "window"