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Quarto Nvim Kickstarter

Companion to

This requires Neovim >= v0.9.5 (


Check out this playlist for a full guide and walkthrough:


Clone this repo into ~/.config/nvim/ or copy-paste just the parts you like.

If you already have your own configuration, check out lua/plugins/quarto.lua for the configuration of plugins directly relevant to your Quarto experience. The comments in this file will also point to to other plugins required for the full functionality.

This configuration can make use of a "Nerd Font" for icons and symbols. Download one here: and set it as your terminal font.

Unix, Linux Installation

git clone ~/.config/nvim

For displaying images in your terminal a recent version of kitty or wezterm is required as well as the dependecies of image.nvim (see ./lua/plugins/ui.lua). Additionally, if you plan to use this through tmux make sure to have version >= 3.3a.

If you are unable to install those in your enviroment, disable the plugin by setting enabled = false.

Example dependencies install on ubuntu-based systems:

sudo apt install imagemagick
sudo apt install libmagickwand-dev
sudo apt install liblua5.1-0-dev
sudo apt install luajit

Manually installing luarocks and the magick rock is no longer required, this is handled by luarocks.nvim.

[!NOTE] Do this before opening nvim, otherwise luarocks.nvim might pick up the wrong luarocks version. If you forgot this step, you can do :Lazy build luarocks.nvim again manually after installation to fix it.

Windows Powershell Installation

git clone "$env:LOCALAPPDATA\nvim"

The telescope file finder uses fzf for fuzzy finding via the telescope-fzf-native extension. It will automatically install fzf, but needs some requirements which are not pre-installed on Windows. Check out the previous link for those (or comment out the extension in ./lua/plugins/ui.lua).

Now you are good to go!


Certain updates to plugins may leave behind unused plugin data. If this configuration produces an error on startup, try removing those first, allowing the lazy.nvim package manager to recreate the correct plugin structure:

rm -r ~/.local/share/nvim
rm -r ~/.local/state/nvim


image image

Use the integrated neovim terminal to execute code chunks: