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Neovim plugin designed to simplify the process of compiling and running projects within tmux panes or windows. Supports multiple programming languages by allowing customisation of build and run commands.

Also supports running lazygit from within current Neovim session on an overlay terminal.


Install & Setup

Install using your favorite plugin manager. For example, using lazy.nvim:

{ 'karshPrime/tmux-compile.nvim', event = 'VeryLazy' },

And setup it with:

    -- Overriding Default Configurations. [OPTIONAL]
    save_session = false,             -- Save file before action (:wall)
    build_run_window_title = "build", -- Tmux window name for Build/Run
    ---- same window pane
    new_pane_everytime = false,       -- Use existing side panes for action, when false
    side_width_percent = 50,          -- Side pane width percentage
    bottom_height_percent = 30,       -- Bottom pane height percentage
    ---- overlay window
    overlay_sleep = 1,                -- Pause before overlay autoclose; seconds
    overlay_width_percent = 80,       -- Overlay width percentage
    overlay_height_percent = 80,      -- Overlay height percentage

    -- Languages' Run and Build actions.  [REQUIRED]
    build_run_config = {
            extension = {'c', 'cpp', 'h'},
            build = 'make',
            run = 'make run',
            debug = 'lldb',
            extension = {'rs'},
            build = 'cargo build',
            run = 'cargo run',
            -- not all properties are required for all extensions
            extension = {'go'},
            run = 'go run .',
            -- Run would work for golang
            -- but Build and Debug will return errors informing configs are
            -- missing


Create keybindings for any command by adding the following to Neovim config:

vim.keymap.set('n', 'KEYBIND', 'COMMAND<CR>', {silent=true})

Example: to set F5 to compile and run current project in an overlay terminal window-

vim.keymap.set('n','<F5>', ':TMUXcompile Run<CR>', {silent=true})

List of all supported commands

Action / Purpose Command
Compile program in an overlay terminal window :TMUXcompile Make
Compile program in a new tmux window :TMUXcompile MakeBG
Compile program in a new pane next to current nvim pane :TMUXcompile MakeV
Compile program in a new pane bellow current nvim pane :TMUXcompile MakeH
Run program in an overlay terminal window :TMUXcompile Run
Run program in a tmux new window :TMUXcompile RunBG
Run program in a new pane next to current nvim pane :TMUXcompile RunV
Run program in a new pane bellow current nvim pane :TMUXcompile RunH
Start debugger in an overlay terminal window :TMUXcompile Debug
Start debugger in a tmux new window :TMUXcompile DebugBG
Start debugger in a new pane next to current nvim pane :TMUXcompile DebugV
Start debugger in a new pane bellow current nvim pane :TMUXcompile DebugH
Open lazygit in overlay :TMUXcompile lazygit

* Run here includes both compiling and running the program, depending on the run command specified for the file extension.

Important Notice: Backward Compatibility Break

Please note that backward compatibility is broken from Version 1 to Version 2 due to the implementation of a more robust configuration system. In the previous version, user configuration consisted of a simple list of extensions with their associated make and run command properties. However, with the introduction of overlay functionality, it became necessary to add an identifier to this previously unnamed list, resulting in incompatibility with older configurations.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. From version 2, the plugin has been designed with future-proofing in mind to ensure that such issues do not recur.