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Rnvimr is a NeoVim plugin that allows you to use Ranger in a floating window.

Different than other Ranger vim-plugins, Rnvimr gives you full control over Ranger. It uses RPC to communicate with Ranger.

This plugin does not support Vim.

Table of contents


  1. Ranger (v1.9.3 or laster)
  2. Pynvim
  3. Neovim 0.5 or later
  4. Python3.6
  5. Ueberzug (optional, v18.1.6 or laster) / Ueberzugpp (optional, v2.3.0 or laster)


  • Replace the built-in Netrw as a default file explorer
  • Calibrated preview images for ueberzug
  • Attach file automatically when toggling Ranger
  • Adjust floating window size automatically after resizing NeoVim
  • Adjust view automatically to adapt the size of floating window
  • Fully customizable layouts for floating window
  • Better experience for Pager view in Ranger
  • Wipe out the buffers corresponding to the files deleted by Ranger automatically
  • Enhanced border in Ranger
  • Synchronize the current working directory of Neovim and Ranger
  • Hide the files included in gitignore
  • Save Buffer information when the src files are moved from Ranger



Example for yay in ArchLinux and pip in other *unix distributions:

# ArchLinux install all requirements is extremely convenient
yay -S ranger python-pynvim ueberzug
# ~ `ueberzug` can be replaced with `ueberzugpp` ~

# pip

# macOS users please install ranger by `pip3 ranger-fm` instead of `brew install ranger`
# There're some issues about installation, such as
# Please refer to the issues of ranger for more details
pip3 install ranger-fm pynvim

# Ueberzug/Ueberzugpp is not supported in macOS because it depends on X11
pip3 install ueberzug

Ueberzug is optional


Install Rnvimr with your favorite plugin manager! Example for Vim-plug:

Plug 'kevinhwang91/rnvimr'

CheckHealth (optional)

Run nvim +'checkhealth rnvimr' in shell. If everything is OK, it will output like these:

## OS
  - OK: Name: Linux

## Ranger
  - OK: Version: ranger-master

## Python
  - OK: Version: 3.8.3 (default, May 17 2020, 18:15:42) [GCC 10.1.0]

## Pynvim
  - OK: Version: 0.4.1

## Ueberzug (optional)
  - OK: Ueberzug is ready

## RPC
  - OK: RPC echo: Neovim send "Give me five!" and receive "Give me five!"


Using :RnvimrToggle to create a Ranger process, and if one exists, :RnvimrToggle simply shows or hides the floating window.

Using :RnvimrResize to cycle the preset layouts.

Pressing Enter to open a file in Ranger.

Rnvimr also supports ctrl-t/ctrl-x/ctrl-v key bindings that allow you to open up a file in a new tab, a new horizontal split, or in a new vertical split.

Pressing q in Ranger simply hides the floating window. Ranger will attach the file of the current buffer in the next toggle event.

Pressing yw in Ranger will emit Ranger's cwd to Neovim's, gw will jump to Neovim's cwd.


Example configuration

Minimal configuration

Plug 'kevinhwang91/rnvimr'

tnoremap <silent> <M-i> <C-\><C-n>:RnvimrResize<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <M-o> :RnvimrToggle<CR>
tnoremap <silent> <M-o> <C-\><C-n>:RnvimrToggle<CR>

Advanced configuration

Plug 'kevinhwang91/rnvimr'

" Make Ranger replace Netrw and be the file explorer
let g:rnvimr_enable_ex = 1

" Make Ranger to be hidden after picking a file
let g:rnvimr_enable_picker = 1

" Replace `$EDITOR` candidate with this command to open the selected file
let g:rnvimr_edit_cmd = 'drop'

" Disable a border for floating window
let g:rnvimr_draw_border = 0

" Hide the files included in gitignore
let g:rnvimr_hide_gitignore = 1

" Change the border's color
let g:rnvimr_border_attr = {'fg': 14, 'bg': -1}

" Make Neovim wipe the buffers corresponding to the files deleted by Ranger
let g:rnvimr_enable_bw = 1

" Add a shadow window, value is equal to 100 will disable shadow
let g:rnvimr_shadow_winblend = 70

" Draw border with both
let g:rnvimr_ranger_cmd = ['ranger', '--cmd=set draw_borders both']

" Link CursorLine into RnvimrNormal highlight in the Floating window
highlight link RnvimrNormal CursorLine

nnoremap <silent> <M-o> :RnvimrToggle<CR>
tnoremap <silent> <M-o> <C-\><C-n>:RnvimrToggle<CR>

" Resize floating window by all preset layouts
tnoremap <silent> <M-i> <C-\><C-n>:RnvimrResize<CR>

" Resize floating window by special preset layouts
tnoremap <silent> <M-l> <C-\><C-n>:RnvimrResize 1,8,9,11,5<CR>

" Resize floating window by single preset layout
tnoremap <silent> <M-y> <C-\><C-n>:RnvimrResize 6<CR>

" Map Rnvimr action
let g:rnvimr_action = {
            \ '<C-t>': 'NvimEdit tabedit',
            \ '<C-x>': 'NvimEdit split',
            \ '<C-v>': 'NvimEdit vsplit',
            \ 'gw': 'JumpNvimCwd',
            \ 'yw': 'EmitRangerCwd'
            \ }

" Add views for Ranger to adapt the size of floating window
let g:rnvimr_ranger_views = [
            \ {'minwidth': 90, 'ratio': []},
            \ {'minwidth': 50, 'maxwidth': 89, 'ratio': [1,1]},
            \ {'maxwidth': 49, 'ratio': [1]}
            \ ]

" Customize the initial layout
let g:rnvimr_layout = {
            \ 'relative': 'editor',
            \ 'width': float2nr(round(0.7 * &columns)),
            \ 'height': float2nr(round(0.7 * &lines)),
            \ 'col': float2nr(round(0.15 * &columns)),
            \ 'row': float2nr(round(0.15 * &lines)),
            \ 'style': 'minimal'
            \ }

" Customize multiple preset layouts
" '{}' represents the initial layout
let g:rnvimr_presets = [
            \ {'width': 0.600, 'height': 0.600},
            \ {},
            \ {'width': 0.800, 'height': 0.800},
            \ {'width': 0.950, 'height': 0.950},
            \ {'width': 0.500, 'height': 0.500, 'col': 0, 'row': 0},
            \ {'width': 0.500, 'height': 0.500, 'col': 0, 'row': 0.5},
            \ {'width': 0.500, 'height': 0.500, 'col': 0.5, 'row': 0},
            \ {'width': 0.500, 'height': 0.500, 'col': 0.5, 'row': 0.5},
            \ {'width': 0.500, 'height': 1.000, 'col': 0, 'row': 0},
            \ {'width': 0.500, 'height': 1.000, 'col': 0.5, 'row': 0},
            \ {'width': 1.000, 'height': 0.500, 'col': 0, 'row': 0},
            \ {'width': 1.000, 'height': 0.500, 'col': 0, 'row': 0.5}
            \ ]

" Fullscreen for initial layout
" let g:rnvimr_layout = {
"            \ 'relative': 'editor',
"            \ 'width': &columns,
"            \ 'height': &lines - 2,
"            \ 'col': 0,
"            \ 'row': 0,
"            \ 'style': 'minimal'
"            \ }
" Only use initial preset layout
" let g:rnvimr_presets = [{}]

For more information, please refer to :help rnvimr, because I don't want to maintain two documents with the same contents :).


Q: Couldn't open some special types of files by using Enter or l in Ranger.

A: Please follow the below steps to solve this issue:

  1. The behavior of opening the file in Ranger depends on rifle.conf. Press r to make sure that the ${VISUAL:-$EDITOR} -- "$@" is the best candidate in Ranger.
  2. If the case 1 is false, change the code in rifle.conf like that:
-!mime ^text, label editor, ext xml|json|csv|tex|py|pl|rb|js|sh|php = ${VISUAL:-$EDITOR} -- "$@"
+!mime ^text, label editor, ext xml|json|csv|tex|py|pl|rb|js|sh|php|your_file_type = ${VISUAL:-$EDITOR} -- "$@"

Q: CheckHealth says RPC timeout.

A: Install Dependence first, run ex command:echo $NVIM_LISTEN_ADDRESS to confirm that the message output is in a format like this /tmp/nvimIYj484/0 or a tcp format address:port, Rnvimr needs this environment variable.

Q: How can I go back to the previous directory in Ranger after attaching a new file?

A: Press H in Ranger, mean go back to the last history directory.

Q: How can I use Ranger default configuration (vanilla)?

A: Write let g:rnvimr_vanilla = 1 to your vim configuration.

Q: let g:rnvimr_enable_ex = 1 can't work as expected.

A: Turn off the option of other plugins (like let g:NERDTreeHijackNetrw = 0 which is used in NERDTree) or uninstall the conflicting plugins.

Q: In MacOS, I must press <ctrl-v> twice to split window vertically.

A: Please refer to #71 and use rnvimr_action variable to remap <ctrl-v> as a workaround for the issue.


The project is licensed under a BSD-3-clause license. See LICENSE file for details.