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2 months ago

sqlite.lua 💫

SQLite/LuaJIT binding and a highly opinionated wrapper for storing, retrieving, caching, and persisting SQLite databases. sqlite.lua present new possibilities for plugin development and while it's primarily created for neovim, it support all luajit environments.


✨ Features:

  • Connect, reconnect, close sql db connections sqlite:open/sql:close
  • Evaluate any sqlite statement and return result if any sqlite:eval
  • Helper function over sqlite:eval to do all sort of operation.
  • High level API with sqlite.tbl for better experience.
  • lua tables deserialization/serialization (in helper functions and high level api)
  • 90% test coverage.
  • Up-to-date docs and changelog

🚧 Installation

Packer.nvim (Neovim)

use { "kkharji/sqlite.lua" }

luarocks (LuaJIT)

luarocks install sqlite luv

Ensure you have sqlite3 installed locally. (if you are on mac it might be installed already)


Download precompiled and set let g:sqlite_clib_path = path/to/sqlite3.dll (note: /)


sudo pacman -S sqlite # Arch
sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev # Ubuntu
sudo dnf install sqlite sqlite-devel # Fedora

Nix (home-manager)

programs.neovim.plugins = [
      plugin = pkgs.vimPlugins.sqlite-lua;
      config = "let g:sqlite_clib_path = '${pkgs.sqlite.out}/lib/libsqlite3.so'";


  • Ensure you install pkgs.sqlite
  • If you are using home-manager on OSX, you must replace libsqlite3.so with libsqlite3.dylib

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