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overlength.nvim is a small plugin for Neovim to highlight the part of a line that doesn't fit into textwidth (or really, whatever width you like).

Screenshot of the overlength.nvim plugin

This plugin is inspired by the Vim plugin overlength.vim developed by TJ DeVries (@tjdevries). And it also uses some tips from "Vim Tips Wiki" article "Highlight long lines".


Neovim version >= 0.7.0 is necessary to use this plugin.

Install this plugin using your favorite plugin manager:

use 'lcheylus/overlength.nvim'
{ 'lcheylus/overlength.nvim' }

To get started with the default configuration, add:



While the defaults should work for most users out of the box, the following options can be configured as such:

   -- Overlength highlighting enabled by default
  enabled = true,

  -- Colors for OverLength highlight group
  colors = {
    ctermfg = nil,
    ctermbg = 'darkgrey',
    fg = nil,
    bg = '#8B0000',

  -- Mode to use textwidth local options
  -- 0: Don't use textwidth at all, always use config.default_overlength.
  -- 1: Use `textwidth, unless it's 0, then use config.default_overlength.
  -- 2: Always use textwidth. There will be no highlighting where
  --    textwidth == 0, unless added explicitly
  textwidth_mode = 2,
  -- Default overlength with no filetype
  default_overlength = 80,
  -- How many spaces past your overlength to start highlighting
  grace_length = 1,
  -- Highlight only the column or until the end of the line
  highlight_to_eol = true,

  -- List of filetypes to disable overlength highlighting
  disable_ft = { 'qf', 'help', 'man', 'checkhealth', 'lazy', 'packer', 'NvimTree', 'Telescope', 'WhichKey' },

You could change the colors used to highlight too long lines:

require('overlength').setup({ colors = { bg='#592929' } })


The plugin creates 3 user-commands:

  • OverlengthEnable : enable highlights for too long lines
  • OverlengthDisable : disable highlights for too long lines
  • OverlengthToggle : turn on/off highlights for too long lines

You can change overlength used for a specific filetype with set_overlength function:

:lua require('overlength').set_overlength(python, 100)

If you want disable overlength highlight for a specific filetype, set overlength to 0 (or add it to disable_ft option in setup):

:lua require('overlength').set_overlength(markdown, 0)