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2 days ago

lin.nvim : Lin Rongbin's Neovim Distribution

Leave Vim behind, this is the next generation of lin.vim.

lin.nvim is a highly configured Neovim distribution integrated with tons of utilities for development, inspired by spf13-vim.

Table of Contents


Aim to be out-of-box, IDE-like editing experience, performant, lightweight and friendly to most Neovim users. Focus on and only on editing, no compiling/packaging/debugging.

This ultra config solves below issues:

  • Duplicate installation on different OS and machines? All done by one-line command (not on Windows for now), same behaviors on all platforms.
  • Time-costing configurations? All configs follow community best practice, vim tradition and most popular editors (just like vscode).
  • Lack of IDE-like features (auto-complete, diagnostics, code-format, lint)? nvim-lspconfig, nvim-cmp, mason.nvim, none-ls.nvim and a bunch of language extensions are embedded.
  • Naive UI? File explorer, git status, tabs, icons and most popular colorschemes integrated (again, just like vscode).
  • More efficient editing? Most popular editing improving plugins embedded, and well cooperated for best user experience and performance.

When maintaining this config, I always follow the philosophy.


Please check out Features & Colorschemes.

Get started



For MacOS please install Xcode and homebrew as pre-requirements.

git clone ~/.nvim && cd ~/.nvim && ./install

And that's all of it.


  1. Enable Windows developer mode for Windows.

  2. Install Visual Studio with MSVC components:

    • .NET Desktop Development
    • Desktop development with C++


  3. Run PowerShell command:

    # scoop
    Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser
    irm | iex
    git clone $env:USERPROFILE\.nvim
    cd $env:USERPROFILE\.nvim

For more details, please check out Installation.

Patched GUI Font

Patched GUI font is mandatory for icons.

Even (install.ps1) already installed the Hack Nerd Font, you still need to manually config it in your terminal, e.g. gnome-terminal (Ubuntu), item2 (MacOS), Windows Terminal (Windows), kitty, alacritty, wezterm, etc.

User guide

Please check out User Guide for full features, key mappings and customizations.


Please open issue/PR for anything about lin.nvim.

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