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nvim-devdocs is a plugin which brings DevDocs documentations into neovim. Install, search and preview documentations directly inside neovim in markdown format with telescope integration. You can also use custom commands like glow to render the markdown for a better experience.


nvim-devdocs search

Using glow for rendering markdown:

nvim-devdocs with glow


  • Offline usage.

  • Search using Telescope.

  • Markdown rendering using custom commands.

  • Open in browser.

  • Internal search using the K key (see :h K).



return {
  dependencies = {
  opts = {}


use {
  requires = {
  config = function()

The plugin uses treesitter API for converting HTML to markdown so make sure you have treesitter html parser installed.

Inside your treesitter configuration:

  ensure_installed = { "html" },


Here is the default configuration:

  dir_path = vim.fn.stdpath("data") .. "/devdocs", -- installation directory
  telescope = {}, -- passed to the telescope picker
  filetypes = {
    -- extends the filetype to docs mappings used by the `DevdocsOpenCurrent` command, the version doesn't have to be specified
    -- scss = "sass",
    -- javascript = { "node", "javascript" }
  float_win = { -- passed to nvim_open_win(), see :h api-floatwin
    relative = "editor",
    height = 25,
    width = 100,
    border = "rounded",
  wrap = false, -- text wrap, only applies to floating window
  previewer_cmd = nil, -- for example: "glow"
  cmd_args = {}, -- example using glow: { "-s", "dark", "-w", "80" }
  cmd_ignore = {}, -- ignore cmd rendering for the listed docs
  picker_cmd = false, -- use cmd previewer in picker preview
  picker_cmd_args = {}, -- example using glow: { "-s", "dark", "-w", "50" }
  mappings = { -- keymaps for the doc buffer
    open_in_browser = ""
  ensure_installed = {}, -- get automatically installed
  after_open = function(bufnr) end, -- callback that runs after the Devdocs window is opened. Devdocs buffer ID will be passed in


To use the documentations from nvim-devdocs, you need to install it by executing :DevdocsInstall. The documentation is indexed and built during the download. Since the building process is done synchronously and may block input, you may want to download larger documents (more than 10MB) in headless mode: nvim --headless +"DevdocsInstall rust".


Available commands:

  • DevdocsFetch: Fetch DevDocs metadata.
  • DevdocsInstall: Install documentation, 0-n args.
  • DevdocsUninstall: Uninstall documentation, 0-n args.
  • DevdocsOpen: Open documentation in a normal buffer, 0 or 1 arg.
  • DevdocsOpenFloat: Open documentation in a floating window, 0 or 1 arg.
  • DevdocsOpenCurrent: Open documentation for the current filetype in a normal buffer.
  • DevdocsOpenCurrentFloat: Open documentation for the current filetype in a floating window.
  • DevdocsToggle: Toggle floating window.
  • DevdocsUpdate: Update documentation, 0-n args.
  • DevdocsUpdateAll: Update all documentations.

Commands support completion, and the Telescope picker will be used when no argument is provided.

Lifecycle Hook

An after_open callback is supplied which accepts the buffer ID of the Devdocs window. It can be used for things like buffer-specific keymaps:

  -- ...
  after_open = function(bufnr)
    vim.api.nvim_buf_set_keymap(bufnr, 'n', '<Esc>', ':close<CR>', {})


  • More search options
  • External previewers.
  • More features.


The HTML converter is still experimental, and not all documentation has been thoroughly tested yet. If you encounter rendering issues, feel free to submit an issue.

Pull requests and feature requests are welcome!

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