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4 months ago


๐ŸŽ„ Gruvbox baby!

My variation of the gruvbox theme with full support for treesitter!

๐Ÿค” Why?

I wasn't comfortable with the gruvbox themes out there, either they didn't have good treesitter support or if they do, I didn't like their colors on python and javascript/typescript files.

๐Ÿ“ธ Pretty pictures

Font: Jetbrains Mono patched with nerd fonts

Terminal: wezterm

๐ŸŒ™ Lua


๐Ÿ Python


โš›๏ธ React with typescript


๐Ÿ” Telescope

inspired by (You have to enable it via config variable) telescope-theme

โš™๏ธ Installation

Plug 'luisiacc/gruvbox-baby', {'branch': 'main'}
colorscheme gruvbox-baby

๐Ÿช› Configuration

โ—๏ธ configuration needs to be set BEFORE loading the color scheme with colorscheme gruvbox-baby

Option Default Available options
background_color medium medium, dark
transparent_mode false false, true - sets background colors to None
comment_style italic see :h attr-list
keyword_style italic see :h attr-list
string_style nocombine see :h attr-list
function_style bold see :h attr-list
variable_style NONE see :h attr-list
highlights {} override highlights with your custom highlights
color_overrides {} override color palette with your custom colors
use_original_palette false use the original gruvbox palette
-- Example config in Lua
vim.g.gruvbox_baby_function_style = "NONE"
vim.g.gruvbox_baby_keyword_style = "italic"

-- Each highlight group must follow the structure:
-- ColorGroup = {fg = "foreground color", bg = "background_color", style = "some_style(:h attr-list)"}
-- See also :h highlight-guifg
-- Example:
vim.g.gruvbox_baby_highlights = {Normal = {fg = "#123123", bg = "NONE", style="underline"}}

-- Enable telescope theme
vim.g.gruvbox_baby_telescope_theme = 1

-- Enable transparent mode
vim.g.gruvbox_baby_transparent_mode = 1

-- Load the colorscheme
vim.cmd[[colorscheme gruvbox-baby]]

If you enable the telescope theme, I recommend using it with this borderchars config:

  defaults = {
    borderchars = {
      prompt = { "โ”€", " ", " ", " ", "โ”€", "โ”€", " ", " " },
      results = { " " },
      preview = { " " },
" Example config in VimScript
let g:gruvbox_baby_function_style = "NONE"
let g:gruvbox_baby_keyword_style = "italic"

" Enable telescope theme
let g:gruvbox_baby_telescope_theme = 1

" Enable transparent mode
let g:gruvbox_baby_transparent_mode = 1

" Load the colorscheme
colorscheme gruvbox-baby

If you want access to the palette you have to do this:

local colors = require("gruvbox-baby.colors").config()
vim.g.gruvbox_baby_highlights = {Normal = {fg =}}

๐Ÿ”Œ Plugin support

enable Lualine

To enable gruvbox-baby theme for Lualine, simply specify it in your lualine settings:

require('lualine').setup {
    options = {
        -- ... your lualine config,
        theme = "gruvbox-baby",
        -- ... your lualine config,

๐ŸŒˆ Palette

gruvbox-baby medium gruvbox-baby intensities

Color Code Name
#ebdbb2 foreground
#dedede gray
#504945 medium_gray
#665c54 comment
#e7d7ad milk
#cc241d error_red
#fb4934 red
#d65d0e orange
#fabd2f bright_yellow
#eebd35 soft_yellow
#d4879c pink
#b16286 magenta
#98971a soft_green
#689d6a forest_green
#8ec07c clean_green
#458588 blue_gray
#83a598 dark_gray
#7fa2ac light_blue

gruvbox-baby medium

Color Code Name
#0d0e0f dark0
#202020 dark
#242424 background_dark
#282828 background
#32302f background_light

gruvbox-baby dark

Color Code Name
#0d0e0f dark0
#0d0e0f dark
#171a1a background_dark
#1d2021 background
#32302f background_light

gruvbox-baby soft

Color Code Name
#0d0e0f dark0
#202020 dark
#282626 background_dark
#32302f background
#3c3a39 background_light

gruvbox-baby soft flat

Color Code Name
#0d0e0f dark0
#202020 dark
#32302f background_dark
#32302f background
#3c3a39 background_light

๐Ÿ‘ฝ Extras

add to Windows Terminal

To add the gruvbox-baby themes to Windows Terminal run,

# Windows Terminal settings.json can be found at
# %LOCALAPPDATA%/Packages/Microsoft.WindowsTerminal_8wekyb3d8bbwe/LocalState/settings.json

use with fzf

To use the fzf theme append the variable/string to your FZF_DEFAULT_OPTS variable

#To use the fzf theme the environment variables used have to be defined.
#You can use the tmux or bash file to export them to your environment

๐Ÿ‘† Acknowledgments

Other themes I've made

The Matrix -