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3 months ago

Neovim configuration for Java, Python, Rust and Lua

This is my personal LUA based configuration for Neovim that I use on a daily basis as Java, Python and RUST IDE. This setup is the product of continuous enhancements based in what I have found in configurations shared by other users. It is an ongoing project that may evolve with time as I come accross with new plugins, refine mappings or refactor configuration files.Feel free to fork this repository and adapt it to your own needs.

Autocompletion lsp autocompletion

Compilation errors lsp autocompletion

Debug lsp autocompletion

Launching Java application lsp autocompletion

Telescope fuzzy finder telecope usage


Manual Setup

  1. Clone this repository into ~/.config/nvim:

    git clone ~/.config/nvim
  2. Install latest NeoVIM version. The configuration also includes an script to install automatically Neovim in APT based Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, PopOs...). See

  3. Install ripgrep into your OS. It is required by some Telescope plugin searching modes.

  4. This environment is preconfigured with Language Server Providers (LSP) and Debug Adapters (DAP) for Java, Python, Rust and Lua. These components provide IDE features like autocompletions, error highlight or debugging. As it is required to have installed these components in your system, this Neovim setup relies on mason.nvim plugin to install them automatically if they are missing.

UI theme

Several UI themes are preconfigured in this setup. Active theme is set by editing file lua/settings.lua. Default active theme is Tokyonight.

Custom mappings

Most of mappings are defined in file lua/mappings.lua. WhichKey plugin is used in order to provide a description for each one of them. Other mappings can be found in specific plugin configuration files in lua/plugins/configs directory. Also, language specific mappings are defined in LSP config files, these mappings are only available when working with specific programming languages (when LSP are attached)

Equivalent mapping configurations for other IDEs VIM integrations

I have created configuration files with (almost) equivalent mappings for Eclipse IDE vim plugin (vrapper), IntelliJ vim plugin (ideaVim) and VSCode vim plugin (vscodevim). These configurations will allow users who are used to these key combinations to remain confortable and efficient while working with other IDEs.

Featured plugins

  • Telescope

    Highly extendable fuzzy finder over lists

  • Neotree

    Tree file explorer

  • Aerial

    Code outline window for skimming and quick navigation

  • WhichKey

    Displays a popup with possible key bindings of the command you started typing

  • Nvim-jdtls

    Extensions for the built-in LSP support in Neovim for

  • Nvim-dap

    Debug Adapter Protocol client implementation for Neovim

  • Others...


If you have problems while installing or using this setup, please report an issue,

Feedback and suggestions

I would appreciate suggestions and feedback regarding this Neovim configuration. As it is an ongoing project I will be changing over the time to become more useful and easy to use. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments