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A collection of Vim/Neovim colorschemes designed to highlight code using contrasts and font variations. Colors are tasked only for other roles such as diagnostics, diffs, search matches.

It is carefully crafted for extensibility. You can create your own zenbones-based colorscheme or try the built-in collection.

Zenbones main image


  • Neovim v0.8.0 (use v2.0.0 for older versions) or Vim 8.1

Recommended setup

  • Neovim with true colors support i.e. set termguicolors. Vim works but only in compatibility mode.
  • Font with bold and italic
  • Terminal or GUI with bold and italic support


Example installation using packer:

use {
    -- Optionally install Lush. Allows for more configuration or extending the colorscheme
    -- If you don't want to install lush, make sure to set g:zenbones_compat = 1
    -- In Vim, compat mode is turned on as Lush only works in Neovim.
    requires = "rktjmp/lush.nvim"


Just apply the colorscheme as usual:

set termguicolors
set background=light " or dark

colorscheme zenbones

Or choose from the collection:

colorscheme description
zenwritten Zero hue and saturation version
neobones Inspired by
vimbones Inspired by
rosebones Inspired by Rosé Pine
forestbones Inspired by Everforest
nordbones Inspired by Nord
tokyobones Inspired by Tokyo Night
seoulbones Inspired by Seoul256
duckbones Inspired by Spaceduck
zenburned Inspired by Zenburn
kanagawabones Inspired by Kanagawa
randombones Randomly pick from the collection.

Configuration and other documentations

See documentations or :help zenbones.txt.


light dark
diff diff
diagnostics diagnostics
'bright' default 'dim'
Bright lightness Default lightness Dim lightness
'stark' default 'warm'
Stark darkness Default darkness Warm darkness

See more showcase from the other colorschemes or checkout the vimcolorschemes page.

Other plugins support

Aside from LSP and basic Tree-sitter support, here are some plugins that are currently supported.

Other implementations

It's also possible to generate any color configuration files using shipwright, this one for Kitty for example. Please feel free to submit a PR if you want to add some more.


Zenbones is heavily inspired by Verdandi and vim-yin-yang. The name came from a book called Zen Flesh, Zen Bones.

There are more similar colorschemes with few colors from this collection.

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