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6 months ago

Jellybeans-nvim: a lua port of jellybeans for neovim



Note: This colorscheme requires at least Neovim 0.5 (it works fine on current master).

Add to your init.lua (this is using paq-nvim, adjust to your package manager):

local paq = require('paq-nvim').paq

paq { 'rktjmp/lush.nvim'}
paq { 'metalelf0/jellybeans-nvim' }

cmd('colorscheme jellybeans-nvim')


  • I directly mapped original colors as strictly as possible; right now, only colors already defined in the original colorscheme have been mapped, to get a colorscheme as close as possible to the original one. I'll consider adding more highlight groups for plugins etc. if requested;

  • Treesitter support is basic: it uses the default links defined in nvim-treesitter, and I didn't customize the treesitter groups. Please submit a PR or contact me on reddit if you think anything should be changed / improved;

  • this was built with lush.nvim; for more information on Lush and a helper script to setup your repo clone.