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12 days ago


A cat saying "umm... actually" and pushing up its nerd glasses

What is it?

(Shamelessly stolen and rewritten in|Ported to) lua from: EinfachToll/DidYouMean

What it do?

Let's say you want to open that_thing.txt so you happily type ...

> nvim somedir/th<TAB><CR>

But! You forgot about the existence of so after the <TAB> the shell prompted you to disambiguate ... but you already swiftly hit <CR> so you've just opened a new file called somedir/th ... womp womp

But wait! With this plugin you'll get a prompt asking you if you actually want to choose that_thing or the_other_thing.

But don't worry, if you really intended to make a file called th, you can cancel, because you actually knew all along.

a demo gif using actually.nvim

How I install?

The regular way.

packer use "mong8se/actually.nvim"

How I configure

Ain't none.

Can I dress it?

You mean stevearc/dressing.nvim ? Hold on let me go check ...


... ya totally worked


If you like this you might also like which is the same concept for changing directories in fish shell.

TODO: Cleanup TODO: Windows Operating System!?