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Edit remote files with local neovim configuration.

Edit them as local directories.

No other dependencies required for remote machine except ssh.

More neovim plugins


First add a configuration.

Here is an example.

    "host": "localhost",
    "user": "user",
    "passwd": "passwd",
    "remote_dir": "/home/niuiic/Documents/projects/nvim/remote.nvim",
    "mount_point": "remote.nvim",
    "options": ["-p", 22]
    "host": "",
    "user": "user",
    "passwd": "passwd",
    "remote_dir": "/home/niuiic/Documents/projects/nvim/remote2.nvim",
    "mount_point": "remote2.nvim"

remote_dir and mount_point should be directories. options will be passed to sshfs.

Then you can connect to remote directory with require("remote").connect().

Avaliable functions.

function desc
connect connect to the remote directories
disconnect disconnect
reconnect reconnect
edit_config edit configuration
check_log check log file


All dependencies are only required locally.


Here is the default configuration.

    config_file = ".nvim/remote.json",
    log_file = ".nvim/remote.log",
    unmount = function(path)
        return "umount " .. path
    disconnect_on_leave = true,
    ---@type fun(config: remote.Config)
    on_each_to_connect = function() end,
    ---@type fun(config: remote.Config)
    on_each_connected = function() end,
    ---@type fun(config: remote.Config)
    on_each_to_disconnect = function() end,
    ---@type fun(config: remote.Config)
    on_each_disconnected = function() end,

---@class remote.Config
---@field host string
---@field user string
---@field passwd string
---@field remote_dir string
---@field mount_point string
---@field options string[] | nil


  • Remote directories were not mounted/unmounted correctly

Check log file, sshfs command may failed for some reason.

  • Remote directories were not updated

Check the document of sshfs.

  • Neovim is stuck

Someting wrong with ssh, cancel the task with <C-c> and check you configuration.

  • Failed to unmount directories

It may not be possiable to unmount the directories if ssh is unable to connect to the remote machine. You can modify the unmount option in configuration to force umount and avoid stuck process. (This always require root privileges, so it's an option.)