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Calvera Dark.nvim

Calvera Dark


Install via your favorite package manager:

" If you are using Vim-Plug
Plug 'yashguptaz/calvera-dark.nvim'
-- If you are using Packer
use 'yashguptaz/calvera-dark.nvim'

Requirements: Neovim 0.5

🌌 Usage

Enable the color scheme:

-- Optional Settings 
let g:calvera_italic_comments = 1
let g:calvera_italic_keywords = 1
let g:calvera_italic_functions = 1
let g:calvera_contrast = 1

-- Required
colorscheme calvera

-- Optional Example Configuration
vim.g.calvera_italic_keywords = false
vim.g.calvera_borders = true
vim.g.calvera_contrast = true
vim.g.calvera_hide_eob = true
vim.g.calvera_custom_colors = {contrast = "#0f111a"}

-- Required Setting

For more optional settings see the Options Section Note: The order matters, make sure to place the optional configuration above the initialization.


Calvera Dark is a modern and blazing fast Neovim theme.

A port of Calvera Dark colorscheme for Neovim written in Lua.

✨ Features

To enable the calvera-nvim theme for Lualine, simply specify it in your lualine settings: ( make sure to set the theme to 'calvera-nvim', as 'calvera' already exists built in to lualine)

require('lualine').setup {
  options = {
    -- ... your lualine config
    theme = 'calvera-nvim'
    -- ... your lualine config


Option Default Description
calvera_contrast true Make sidebars and popup menus like nvim-tree and telescope have a different background
calvera_lighter_contrast false Increase the contrast for the 'lighter' variant of the theme
calvera_italic_comments false Make comments italic
calvera_italic_keywords false Make keywords like if, for, while etc. italic
calvera_italic_functions false Make function calls and names italic
calvera_italic_variables false Make variable names and identifiers italic
calvera_borders false Enable the border between verticaly split windows visable
calvera_disable_background false Disable the setting of background color so that NeoVim can use your terminal background
calvera_hide_eob false Hide the end of buffer lines ( ~ )
calvera_variable_color #717CB4 Set a custom color for variables and fields
calvera_custom_colors {} Override the default colors and use your own
calvera_transparent_bg false Transparent Background
-- Example config in lua
vim.g.calvera_italic_comments = true
vim.g.calvera_italic_keywords = true
vim.g.calvera_italic_functions = true
vim.g.calvera_italic_variables = false
vim.g.calvera_contrast = true
vim.g.calvera_borders = false
vim.g.calvera_disable_background = false
vim.g.transparent_bg = true
--vim.g.calvera_custom_colors = { black = "#000000", bg = "#0F111A" }

-- Load the colorscheme
" Example config in Vim-Script
let g:calvera_italic_comments = 1
let g:calvera_italic_keywords = 1
let g:calvera_italic_functions = 1
let g:calvera_contrast = 1

" Load the colorsheme
colorscheme calvera


  • Toggle the end of buffer lines ( ~ )

Call the built in function for toggling buffer lines

:lua require('calvera.functions').toggle_eob()
"This command toggles the end of buffer lines

The command can also be mapped to a key to toggle the lines live

nnoremap <leader>me :lua require('calvera.functions').toggle_eob()<CR>
vim.api.nvim_set_keymap('n', '<leader>me', [[<Cmd>lua require('calvera.functions').toggle_eob()<CR>]], { noremap = true, silent = true })


In the plugin folder use the command below to open neovim

nvim --cmd "set rtp+=."

Source the dev/dev.lua file with the command :luafile % every time you make a change.


Material.nvim - Material.nvim was used as a starting point for this color theme.

VSCode Calvera Dark - VSCode Calvera Dark was used to pick the colors