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  • Toggle the only NeoWell list
    • Leave existing ones intact
    • List shown in the very bottom (to put emphasis on that it's global)
  • Goto the target brainlessly via <CR>(see the default settings below)
    • Just type \ twice to back to the list, no need to use command
  • Prompt, user-friendly-ly
    • for the comment at the current line
    • to confirm comment rewording :)
    • to confirm deletion of the hovered item
    • to confirm deletion of ALL items
  • Filtering is on the schedule

Example Config

local NOREF_NOERR_TRUNC = { noremap = true, silent = true, nowait = true }
use {
  config = function ()
    require('neo-well').setup {
      height = 10
vim.keymap.set('n', '\\', function () vim.cmd('NeoWellToggle') end, NOREF_NOERR_TRUNC)
vim.keymap.set('n', '<Leader>/', function () vim.cmd('NeoWellAppend') end, NOREF_NOERR_TRUNC)
vim.keymap.set('n', '<CR>', function ()
  -- vim.cmd('NeoZoomToggle') -- remove this if you don't know what it is
vim.keymap.set('n', '<Leader>r', function () vim.cmd('NeoWellEdit') end, NOREF_NOERR_TRUNC)
vim.keymap.set('n', '<Leader>d', function () vim.cmd('NeoWellOut') end, NOREF_NOERR_TRUNC)
vim.keymap.set('n', '<Leader>D', function () vim.cmd('NeoWellWipeOut') end, NOREF_NOERR_TRUNC)

TODO list

  • toggle the list
    • move to the bottom window
  • prompt: to add the current line into items
  • buffer command:
    • goto item (TODO preview: postponed because need to select window, too hard)
    • prompt: edit item text (the change reflected immediately by default :) )
    • prompt: confirm delete current item (the change reflected immediately by default :) )
      • should reflect the change immediately
      • the cursor move to the next item
    • prompt: confirm delete all items

Future & Ref.

Will do


  • stablize when toggling
  • prompt: edit list title (not important so far)
  • wrap-around on the first/last item (not important so far)