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6 years ago

Termux Dotfiles

Installation Screenshot


Install curl first:

apt update && apt -y upgrade && apt install -y curl


Just paste the following code into Termux and adjust the parameters to customize what the script will install:

curl -fsSL | bash -s -- --zsh --python --neovim

Script parameters

-pg or --postgres setup a postgres installation (optional pgcli install) -p or --python setup a python installation -r or --ruby setup a ruby installation (includes pry) -g, --go or --golang setup a golang installation -js or --nodejs setups nodejs (optional yarn install) -t or --tmux setups tmux -n or --neovim setups neovim --php setups php -z or --zsh setups zsh (optional syntax-highlight and auto-sugestions) -e or --elixir setup a erlang, and elixir installation

Security is a short url which resolves to

Piping commands from internet to shell is considered bad practice, and there is lot of discussion on the internet:

but I did this anyway because of the convenience factor (there is no way to be more straightforward than this), please, feel free to review the installer code and open an Issue.