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mooD Nvim is a configuration made for those who wants to install and use, without worries.

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🪄 Features

  • 🌜 100% on Lua
  • 💡 IDE Features: LSP, snippets, autocomplete, go to definition, go to references, etc.
  • 📚 Handbook (SPC h h) and Tutorial (SPC h T) natively. Most of cool feature are listed there.
  • ▶️ Awesome Test Runner.
  • 🧑‍✈️ Codeium Integration (like Copilot or Whisperer)
  • ✏️ Fully customizable by user (plugins, settings, LSP)
  • 🔎 Find In Folder helpers: Find inside models, controller, etc using keybindngs. See keybindings.lua (SPC f p) for more examples. You can define your own custom finders.
  • 🪟 TMUX Framework with tmux-awesome-manager that can:
    • 🖥️ You can bind terminal commands in your keybindings.lua (SPC f p).
    • 🚃 Useful for commands such as rails console, server, sidekiq, yarn start, generate, open production stuff, etc. (Examples on keybindings.lua)
    • 📽️ You can define server terminal commands separated by project and run with a single command.

📃 Dependencies

  • Neovim >= 0.8 <= 0.9
  • lazygit (optional)
  • ripgrep
  • NerdFonts
  • Python
  • pynvim (without this, it will thrown an error when you open mood)
  • git-delta (for lazygit, optional) - Installation

💾 Installation

We created a bash script to make your life easier and install Mood Nvim automatically. Just run the below command in the terminal on either mac or linux (ubuntu only), choose what you want to install and have fun!

bash <(curl -Ls https://raw.githubusercontent.com/otavioschwanck/mood-nvim/main/bin/mood-installer.sh)

If you will use tmux, after the first open, press C-x I to install the packages.

To install manually, check the Manual Installation Page.

After the installation, check if is missing something with :checkhealth

When you run the tmux for the first time, press C-x I to install the missing plugins.

⚠️ Disclaimer

This configuration is made to use with Alacritty and Tmux. Please install it and learn before use it.

🔗 Useful links

🎓 How to learn the keybindings of this configuration?

Just press SPC h h to open the handbook inside vim.