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3 days ago

The best implementation of Sarah Drasner's Night Owl VSCode theme for Neovim with support for Tree-sitter and semantic tokens.

📦 Install In Zero Time




  lazy = false, -- make sure we load this during startup if it is your main colorscheme
  priority = 1000, -- make sure to load this before all the other start plugins
  config = function()
    -- load the colorscheme here


Plug 'oxfist/night-owl.nvim'

🚀 Start Using With A Single Line

[!NOTE] You can skip this step if you followed the lazy.nvim setup (that already sets the colorscheme).

Add the following to your Lua configuration files, e.g. ~/.config/nvim/init.lua (your actual path might be different):


To enable night-owl for lualine.nvim, simply set the theme like this in your settings 👇:

-- This Lualine config should be somewhere in your config files
require('lualine').setup {
  options = {
    -- ... other configs
    theme = 'night-owl'
    -- ... other configs

⚙️ Configuration

The styling of the theme can be customized by calling setup():

local night_owl = require("night-owl")

-- 👇 Add your own personal settings here
--@param options Config|nil
    -- These are the default settings
    bold = true,
    italics = true,
    underline = true,
    undercurl = true,
    transparent_background = false,

🖥️ Requirements


🔎 Comparison

How does this port compare to the original VSCode theme? Check it out!

Original Night Owl for VSCode This Theme 🤩

✨ Why Should You Pick This Version of Night Owl?

This implementation of Night Owl solves several syntax highlight issues and discrepancies similar ports have when comparing to the original VSCode theme.

The following features allow making the programming experience as close to the original VSCode theme as possible:

  1. Extended highlight groups: through additional Treesitter queries. See after/queries for implementation details.
  2. Different background color when Neovim is inactive: through autocommands. See after/plugin/autocmds.lua for implementation details.

With Treesitter installed you can see the overall look and feel is significantly different:

  • Different colors for several keywords like let, const, async, function, etc. Same happens for class names EditFishForm and Sale.
  • Italics not applied anywhere except for comments.
  • Italics incorrectly applied to JSDoc keywords @param and @returns.
haishanh/night-owl.vim This Theme

Language Support 🌐

[!NOTE] I've personally optimized the colorscheme styling and robustness for these languages extensively enough to confidently say they look acceptable to me. If you happen to build software with them, then I invite you to try out this theme! 🙂

Coming Soon:

  • Lua ✅
  • Vimscript ✅
  • R ✅
  • Python ✅
  • Bash ✅
  • TSX, Rust, Ruby, and many more!

🧩 Plugins Supported

🎇 Credits

  • Sarah Drasner first and foremost, for creating such a beautiful and artistic color scheme that has made, for me personally, so much more pleasurable the exhilirating act of building software.
  • https://www.monolisa.dev/ for one of the sweetest programming fonts out there.
  • Christian Chiarulli for creating colorgen-nvim, an essential tool that helped me get started with this implementation.

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