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A Neovim plugin that automatically assigns colors to devicons based on their nearest color in a predefined color palette.


Without With Plugin
image image


With Lazy.nvim:

    dependencies = {
    event = "VeryLazy",
    config = function()


You must call setup to enable the plugin. A color palette is not needed, but it can greatly improve the results.

Here is an example with catppuccin theme:

-- You can add as many colors as you like. More colors is better to estimate the nearest color for each devicon.
local theme_colors = require("catppuccin.palettes").get_palette("macchiato")

    colors = theme_colors,

It should work with any theme that provides a color palette. If you want to use a custom color palette, you can define it yourself:

    colors = {

The order of colors does not matter. You can also add as many colors as you want, as more colors results in better color matching.


-- Default configuration
    -- A table of color codes that the plugin will use to assign colors to devicons.
    -- It is preferable to use a color palette from a theme, but you can also define it yourself.
    -- If not provided, the plugin will fetch highlights from the current theme to generate a color palette.
    -- colors = theme_colors,

    -- Adjusts factors to get a better color matching.
    factors = {
        lightness = 1.75, -- Adjust the lightness factor.
        chroma = 1,       -- Adjust the chroma factor.
        hue = 1.25, 	  -- Adjust the hue factor.

    -- Cache greatly improve the performance of the plugin. It saves all the matchings in a file.
    cache = {
        enabled = true,
        path = vim.fn.stdpath("cache") .. "/tiny-devicons-auto-colors-cache.json",

    -- Precise search can result in better colors matching by automatically tweaking the factors.
    -- It's nice to let it enabled when cache is enabled.
    precise_search = {
        enabled = true,
        iteration = 10,   -- It goes hand in hand with 'precision'
        precision = 20,   -- The higher the precision, better the search is
        threshold = 23,   -- Threshold to consider a color as a match (larger is more permissive)

    -- A list of icon name to ignore.
    -- You can refer to: https://github.com/nvim-tree/nvim-web-devicons/blob/master/lua/nvim-web-devicons/icons-default.lua
    -- to get the icon's name.
    -- example:
    -- ignore = {
    -- 		"lua",
    -- 		"vim",
    -- 		"cs",
    -- 		"json"
    -- }
    ignore = {

    -- Automatically reload the colors when the colorscheme changes.
    -- Warning: when reloaded, it overrides the colors that you set in `colors`.
    -- It can produce varying results according to the colorscheme, so if you always use the same colorscheme, you can keep it disabled.
    autoreload = false,

After calling setup, the plugin will automatically assign colors to all devicons. You do not need to do anything


  • require("tiny-devicons-auto-colors").apply(colors_table): apply a new colorscheme on devicons. It can be useful if you want to apply the new colors when you change the colorscheme.


My devicons have strange colors...

You may need to adjust the factors (lightness, chroma and hue) as it can be very sensitive to the colors you provide. I've tried to find a good balance, but it may not work for all colorscheme...


devicon-colorscheme.nvim for the idea!