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Heirline.nvim is a no-nonsense Neovim plugin made for rendering statusline/winbar/tabline/statuscolumn format strings. It is designed around recursive inheritance to be exceptionally fast and versatile.

Heirline does not provide any defaults, in fact, heirline can be thought of as an API to generate Vim status format strings.

Why another statusline plugin?

Heirline picks up from other popular customizable statusline plugins like galaxyline and feline but removes all the hard-coded guides and offers you thousands times more freedom. But freedom has a price: responsibility. I don't get to tell you what your statusline should do. You're in charge! With Heirline, you have a framework to easily implement whatever you can imagine, from simple to complex rules!


  • Conditionals: Build custom active/inactive and buftype/filetype/bufname statuslines or single components.
  • Highlight propagation: Seamlessly surround components within separators and/or set the (dynamic) coloring of a bunch of components at once.
  • Modularity: Statusline components can be reutilized/rearranged and will behave according to their position in the genealogical tree.
  • Update triggers: Re-evaluate components only when some condition is met or specific autocommand events are fired.
  • Clickable: Write pure lua callbacks to be executed when clicking a component.
  • Dynamic resizing: Specify how components should resize depending on available space.
  • Full control: You have hooks to fully control the statusline evaluation cycle.

Heirline is not for everyone, heirline is for people who like tailoring their own tools (and also like lua):

  • No default statusline is provided
  • You must write your own statusline

But don't you worry! Along with the inheritance comes THE FEATUREFUL COOKBOOK 📖 of a distant relative. Your dream 🪄 statusline is a copypaste away!


Use your favorite plugin manager


    -- You can optionally lazy-load heirline on UiEnter
    -- to make sure all required plugins and colorschemes are loaded before setup
    -- event = "UiEnter",
    config = function()


    statusline = {...},
    winbar = {...},
    tabline = {...},
    statuscolumn = {...},

Calling setup will load your statusline(s). To learn how to write a StatusLine, see the docs.


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