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3 months ago

Deprecated!, please see playtime.nvim for an updated Shenzhen Solitaire implementation (and other games).

Shenzhen Solitaire ๐Ÿ€™๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€‡

Shenzhen I/O Solitaire is a bit like FreeCell but played with a partial Mahjong deck. It's an open information game with a high solve rate, given correct play.

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Game Rules

There are 40 cards,

  • 3x9 "suited" cards, Coin, String and Myriad.
  • 3x4 "dragon" cards, Trogdor ล  Red ล , Green ร‘ and White ร•.
  • 1 "flower" card, ฦ’.

Shenzhen Solitaire is similar to FreeCell, with a majhong deck instead. The goal is to place all suited cards in the top right foundations and all dragon cards in the top left cells.

The top row has 3 cells that may hold one card at a time, of any kind.

The next 4 slots are foundations which must build sequences from 1 to 9 in the same suit, except the first slot may only hold the ฦ’ card.

The tableau operates under normal solitaire rules, you may only place cards in descending, alternating suit sequences except when the column is empty. Empty columns accept any card.

Note that by these rules, you can not build off or use dragons cards in a sequence!

When 4 dragon cards of the same type (ล , ร‘ or ร•) are accessible (either in the tableau or cells), you may activate the appropriate button to shift all cards of that type to an unoccupied cell. Once this is done that cell is locked.

Commands and Controls

Open a new buffer and run :ShenzhenSolitaireNewGame to play a random draw, or call :lua require("shenzhen-solitaire")["start-new-game"](buf-id config seed-number). The command accepts an optional seed number.

Run :ShenzhenSolitaireNextGame to play through a series of selected hands, where you must beat the draw to play the next! Over 100ยนยฒ meticulously crafted hands to play through!

The game will automatically move the ฦ’ to its foundation, as well as any suited cards to a foundation if there are no other cards of lower value in play. You may disable automatic moves via the configuration.

Shenzhen Solitaire supports keyboard controls but is much more comfortably played with a mouse, so the defaults are set to support that.

The default controls are:

  • Left Mouse: pick up or put down cards.
  • Right Mouse: return cards to original location. Note you must right click a UI element, not blank space.
  • y: pickup or put down cards
  • ww: save current game
  • ll: load last save
  • rr: restart current game
  • u: undo last move (if enabled)
  • <Tab>: move cursor to next location
  • <S-Tab>: move cursor to next location


Any given config is merged onto the following via vim.tbl_deep_extend, use that knowledge to infer how much of the config you must provide when changing options.

If you're primarily playing with a mouse you may prefer to set cursor.show = false and difficulty.show-valid-locations = false.

The buffer filetype is set to shenzhen-solitaire if you would like to run any autocommands to clean up the UI.

{:card {:size {:width 7 :height 5}
        :borders {:ne :โ•ฎ :nw :โ•ญ :se :โ•ฏ :sw :โ•ฐ :n :โ”€ :s :โ”€ :e :โ”‚ :w :โ”‚}}
 :buttons {:pos {:row 1 :col 34}}
 :tableau {:pos {:row 7 :col 1}
           :gap 3}
 :cell {:pos {:row 1 :col 1}
        :gap 3}
 :foundation {:pos {:row 1 :col 41}
              :gap 3}
 :highlight {:empty {:fg :#495159 :bg hl-normal-background}
             :button {:fg :#495159 :bg hl-normal-background}
             :coin {:fg :#e8df78 :bg hl-normal-background}
             :string {:fg :#879ff6 :bg hl-normal-background}
             :myriad {:fg :#23b3ac :bg hl-normal-background}
             :flower {:fg :#934188 :bg hl-normal-background}
             :dragon-green {:fg :#52ad56 :bg hl-normal-background}
             :dragon-white {:fg :#cfcfcf :bg hl-normal-background}
             :dragon-red {:fg :#d34d4d :bg hl-normal-background}}
 :info {:pos {:row 22 :col 3}}
 :size {:width 80 :height 40}
 :cursor {:show false} ;; show cursor, strongly recommended without a mouse
 :difficulty {:show-valid-locations false ;; show possible interactive locations, useful without a mouse.
              :allow-undo false
              :auto-move-obvious true}
 :gauntlet false
 :keys {:left-mouse :<LeftMouse>
        :right-mouse :<RightMouse>
        :interact :y
        :auto-move :a
        :save-game :ww
        :load-game :ll
        :restart-game :rr
        :undo-last-move :u
        :next-location :<Tab>
        :prev-location :<S-Tab>}}


This game is treeware. If you like it, plant a tree near you. (Also buy the real game.)