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5 months ago

👁️ bufignore

Bufignore is a plugin for Neovim that helps you keep your buffer list organized by automatically unlisting hidden buffers that match specific ignore sources, such as a Lua pattern or Git ignored files. It was designed to solve the annoyance of a cluttered buffer list when working with Git ignored files, such as those within .git or node_modules.


✨ Key features

  • Multiple ignore sources: You can define multiple ignore sources, such as Lua patterns and Git ignored files, to filter out hidden buffers that match these patterns.
  • Tidy buffer list: It unlists hidden buffers that match the defined ignore sources to keep your buffer list tidy.
  • Efficient event processing: The plugin efficiently utilizes a queue for all events, which feeds batches of buffer events into processing.
  • Supports changing working directory: Bufignore supports changing the current working directory by testing all current buffers, and only unlists files that are ignored and within the current working directory.
  • Out-of-the-box usage: Bufignore works out-of-the-box without requiring any configuration tweaking.
  • Customizable: Bufignore provides a callback function that allows you to further configure which buffers should be unlisted based on your needs.
  • Ignores files outside the current working directory: Bufignore only considers files within the current working directory, ignoring files outside it.

⚡ Requirements

📦 Installation


  dependencies = { 'nvim-lua/plenary.nvim' },
  opts = {
    -- Input configuration here.
    -- Refer to the configuration section below for options.


  requires = { 'nvim-lua/plenary.nvim' },
  config = function()
      -- Input configuration here.
      -- Refer to the configuration section below for options.

⚙ Configuration

The following code block shows the available options and their defaults:

  auto_start = true,
  ignore_sources = {
    git = true,
    patterns = { '/%.git/' },
    symlink = true,
    ignore_cwd_only = true,
  pre_unlist = nil,


A boolean value that determines whether to start the plugin automatically after calling setup().


A table that sets which sources to use when checking whether a file is supposed to be unlisted or not.


A boolean value that determines whether Git ignored files are unlisted or not.


A table of Lua patterns that determines whether the file should be unlisted or not.


A boolean value that determines whether symlinked files are unlisted or not.


A boolean value that determines whether to only unlist files that are within the current working directory.


A callback function that executes before unlisting a buffer. You can use this function to customize which buffers to unlist by returning a boolean value. The unlisting process will only proceed if the callback function returns true.

  • event ({ bufnr: number, file_path: string }) - A table with buffer information.

Return true to proceed with the unlisting process, or anything else to prevent the buffer from being unlisted.

📗 Usage

Bufignore works out-of-the-box with the auto_start option enabled. The following API is available under require('bufignore') if you want to handle things manually:


Sets up the plugin, see configuration for further information.


Start the plugin.


Stop the plugin.

🤝 Contributing

All contributions to Bufignore are greatly appreciated, whether it's a bug fix or a feature request. If you would like to contribute, please don't hesitate to reach out via the issue tracker.

Before making a pull request, please consider the following:

  • Follow the existing code style and formatting conventions .
    • Install Stylua to ensure proper formatting.
  • Write clear and concise commit messages that describe the changes you've made.

🏁 Roadmap

  • Performance improvements:
    • Check if current working directory is a Git repository before starting.
    • Avoid processing duplicate file paths.
  • Support for extending ignore lookup beyond Git.
    • Lua patterns.
    • Symlinks.
    • Filetypes.
    • Outside the Git repository.
    • Outside the current working directory.
    • Custom callback.
  • Allow opting out of unlisting when buffer is either modified or has entered insert mode.
  • Provide a single Bufignore command, with sub-commands to execute different actions. entered insert mode.