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🔠 sort.nvim

Sort is a sorting plugin for Neovim that provides a simple command to mimic :sort and supports both line-wise and delimiter sorting. This plugin intelligently selects a sorting strategy by using a configurable priority list, minimizing manual input and covering most sorting cases with just the :Sort command on a range.

❓ Why

  • Supports delimiter sorting.
  • Intelligently selects a sorting strategy using a configurable priority list.
  • Minimizes manual input required from the user.
  • Efficient and lightweight.
  • Mimics the functionality of Neovim's built-in :sort command where possible.
  • Helps to satisfy the perfectionist in you by ensuring your text is neatly sorted.

📦 Installation


-- Lua.


  -- Optional setup for overriding defaults.
  config = function()
      -- Input configuration here.
      -- Refer to the configuration section below for options.


" Vim Script.

Plug 'sQVe/sort.nvim'

" Optional setup for overriding defaults.
lua << EOF
    -- Input configuration here.
    -- Refer to the configuration section below for options.

⚙ Configuration

Sort comes with the following defaults:

  -- List of delimiters, in descending order of priority, to automatically
  -- sort on.
  delimiters = {
    's', -- Space
    't'  -- Tab

📗 Usage


Sorting with the Sort plugin is made easy through the provided :Sort command. The plugin utilizes two different strategies depending on the visual selection:

  • Multiple lines

    When selecting multiple lines, all arguments provided to :Sort are fed to the built-in :sort command, thereby mirroring all of the features provided by the built-in sort. See :help :sort for usage and options.

  • Single line

    :[range]Sort[!] [delimiter][b][i][n][o][u][x]
    • Use [!] to reverse the sort order.
    • Use [delimiter] to manually set the delimiter instead of iterating over config.delimiters and sorting by the highest priority delimiter. Valid delimiters include:
      • Any punctuation character (!, ?, &, ...), matching the %p lua pattern character class.
      • s: Space
      • t: Tab
    • Use [b] to sort based on the first binary number in the word.
    • Use [i] to ignore the case when sorting.
    • Use [n] to sort based on the first decimal number in the word.
    • Use [o] to sort based on the first octal number in the word.
    • Use [u] to only keep the first instance of words within the selection. Leading and trailing whitespace are not considered when testing for uniqueness.
    • Use [x] to sort based on the first hexadecimal number in the word. A leading 0x or 0X is ignored.

⌨️ Keybinding

By default, Sort does not set any keybindings. Here's an example of how you can set a keybinding to trigger :Sort. In this example, the keybinding go is used, but you can change it to whatever you prefer:

" Vim Script.

nnoremap <silent> go <Cmd>Sort<CR>
vnoremap <silent> go <Esc><Cmd>Sort<CR>
-- Lua.

  nnoremap <silent> go <Cmd>Sort<CR>
  vnoremap <silent> go <Esc><Cmd>Sort<CR>

A common workflow, before sorting, is to visually select inside a set of characters with vi<character>. Instead of doing that manually before running Sort you could add the keybindings like:

" Vim Script.

nnoremap <silent> go" vi"<Esc><Cmd>Sort<CR>
nnoremap <silent> go' vi'<Esc><Cmd>Sort<CR>
nnoremap <silent> go( vi(<Esc><Cmd>Sort<CR>
nnoremap <silent> go[ vi[<Esc><Cmd>Sort<CR>
nnoremap <silent> gop vip<Esc><Cmd>Sort<CR>
nnoremap <silent> go{ vi{<Esc><Cmd>Sort<CR>

🤝 Contributing

All contributions to Sort are greatly appreciated, whether it's a bug fix or a feature request. If you would like to contribute, please don't hesitate to reach out via the issue tracker.

Before making a pull request, please consider the following:

  • Follow the existing code style and formatting conventions .
    • Install stylua to ensure proper formatting.
  • Write clear and concise commit messages that describe the changes you've made.

🏁 Roadmap

  • Extend support for delimiter sorting to mirror the options available in :sort:
    • b option to sort by binary (2).
    • n option to sort by decimal (10).
    • o option to sort by octal (8).
    • x option to sort by hexidecimal (16).
  • Improve test coverage to ensure the stability and reliability of the plugin.
  • Add support for natural sorting to provide more intuitive sorting of strings that include numeric values.
  • Add opt-in motion mappings to enable users to trigger Sort commands more efficiently using keybindings.