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Paq is a Neovim package manager written in Lua.


  • Simple: Easy to use and configure
  • Fast: Installs and updates packages concurrently using Neovim's event-loop
  • Small: Around 500 LOC


NOTE Paq follows the Neovim version available in Debian stable.


Clone this repository.

For Unix-like systems:

git clone --depth=1 \

For Windows (cmd.exe):

git clone %LOCALAPPDATA%\nvim-data\site\pack\paqs\start\paq-nvim

For Windows (powershell):

git clone "$env:LOCALAPPDATA\nvim-data\site\pack\paqs\start\paq-nvim"

To install Paq automatically or to install your plugins in --headless mode see the documentation section :h paq-bootstrapping.


In your init.lua, require the "paq" module with a list of packages, like:

require "paq" {
    "savq/paq-nvim", -- Let Paq manage itself


    { "lervag/vimtex", opt = true }, -- Use braces when passing options

    { 'nvim-treesitter/nvim-treesitter', build = ':TSUpdate' },

Then, source your configuration (executing :source $MYVIMRC) and run :PaqInstall.


  • PaqInstall: Install all packages listed in your configuration.
  • PaqUpdate: Update all packages already on your system (it won't implicitly install them).
  • PaqClean: Remove all packages (in Paq's directory) that aren't listed on your configuration.
  • PaqSync: Execute the three commands listed above.


Option Type
as string Name to use for the package locally
branch string Branch of the repository
build function Lua function to run after install/update
build string Shell command to run after install/update
build string Prefixed with a ':' will run a vim command
opt boolean Optional packages are not loaded on startup
pin boolean Pinned packages are not updated
url string URL of the remote repository, useful for non-GitHub repos

For more details on each option, refer to the documentation.

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