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Play Minesweeper in Neovim: because if Emacs has taught us anything, it's that text editors are for gaming!

Requires Neovim version 0.7 or above.

Note that an nvim-0.5 branch exists for compatibility with Nvim v0.5+, but it is no longer maintained.

How to play

Install it using your favourite package manager like any other plugin, then run :Nvimesweeper and pray that it works properly, I guess.

  • Press ! to flag a square.
  • Press ? to mark a square for later.
  • Press <Space> or <RightMouse> to cycle between !, ? and unmarking a square.
  • Press <CR>, x or <LeftMouse> to reveal a square; just try not to step on a mine!

Run :help nvimesweeper for more details.

Why did you make this?

I don't know...