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A Neovim plugin that runs Python code and displays the result in your code editor.


🎞️ Demo

✅ Installation

  • Prerequisite

Install nui nvim plugin :

Plug 'MunifTanjim/nui.nvim'
🔖 Also be Sure python and awk is installed.

hydrovim use python command and awk for running codes.

Installing hydrovim :

For installing with vim plug :

Plug 'smzm/hydrovim'

❗️Issue :

This plugin tested only with Vim and Neovim which configured with .vim files. Some people can't use Hydrovim when configured Neovim with Lua.

✅ Usage :

  • Put the cursor on the desire line of code and press F8 for running hydrovim from first line of your code to the current line and show the result of the current line in the Hydrovim pop-up.
  • You can highlight code in visual mode and run hydrovim with F8.
  • Use q or F8 key again for close hydrovim pop-up.

👾 Troubleshooting :

If with pressing F8 hydrovim popup doesn't appear, First Check prerequisites in your terminal :

  1. awk command should be available.
  2. python command should be available. (python is the command use in hydrovim not python3)
  3. MunifTanjim/nui.nvim should installed in your neovim.

👉 Put syntax on in top of your neovim configuration file. (before hydrovim installation)