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2 months ago


A concise, precise, and high-performance cursor word highlighting plugin for Neovim, implemented in Lua.

Reasons for creating this plugin

🎉 There are many plugins that do this, but none of them support disabling for certain filetypes. So, If I accidentally open a binary file such as .png file it gives me an error

🛠️ Other plugins always reset highlighting when the cursor moves, whereas this plugin does not. It only resets the highlighting when the cursor moves to a new word.

For example, if the cursor is on the character h in the word hello, and you move the cursor to e, other plugins will remove the highlighting from the word hello and then highlight it again, even though the cursor is still on that word. Consequently, when you move to the o, it will undergo highlighting five times.

🍕 Easily to disable and enable when needed.

🚀 And a subjective reason is that I used to use the nvim-cursorline plugin before, but I don't use the cursorline feature. Another plugins i found that nvim-cursorword, it works quite similar to this plugin, but its setup method is not like the plugins I usually use. So this is the reason for this plugin.


Compare with nvim cursorline

Nvim cursorline error when accidentally open a binary file

nvim-cursorline error

This plugin fixed this error.


    -- lazy
        event = "VeryLazy",
        config = true,


    -- default configuration
        max_word_length = 100, -- if cursorword length > max_word_length then not highlight
        min_word_length = 2, -- if cursorword length < min_word_length then not highlight
        excluded = {
            filetypes = {
            buftypes = {
                -- "nofile",
                -- "terminal",
            patterns = { -- the pattern to match with the file path
                -- "%.png$",
                -- "%.jpg$",
                -- "%.jpeg$",
                -- "%.pdf$",
                -- "$",
                -- "%.tar$",
                -- "%.tar%.gz$",
                -- "%.tar%.xz$",
                -- "%.tar%.bz2$",
                -- "%.rar$",
                -- "%.7z$",
                -- "%.mp3$",
                -- "%.mp4$",
        highlight = {
            underline = true,
            fg = nil,
            bg = nil,


Command Description
:CursorwordEnable Toggle highlight the word under the cursor
:CursorwordEnable Enable highlight the word under the cursor
:CursorwordDisable Disable highlight the word under the cursor


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details