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3 months ago

LSP Import

Resolves imports for undefined terms by using LSP completion API. It's primary usage is to support automatic imports for pyright language server.


Using lazy.nvim:

{ "stevanmilic/nvim-lspimport" }


Mappings are not set by default, hence it's required to set a mapping for resolving import:

vim.keymap.set("n", "<leader>a", require("lspimport").import, { noremap = true })

Once mapping is set, jump on the line with an undefined term and execute mapping to resolve import.

Supported language servers

NOTE: In order for pyright to resolve an import, module containing it should be used in the workspace; otherwise import won't be found. Hence the auto-import feature works well in modules loaded with pre-loaded imports. Auto-imports are limited to only those symbols and modules that have been imported somehwhere else in the program.