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🤺 tabs-vs-spaces.nvim

Hint and fix deviating indentation.


Ideally, leading and trailing spaces are taken care of by a project-specific formatter. Nevertheless, commits and codebases with indentation styles that deviate from a project defaults continue to exist.

There are several reasons why indentation styles might get mixed up.

  • A project-specific linter/formatter is either not installed or not available in its required configuration.
  • Quick editing single files outside a project's working directory.
  • Wrong indentation might not be obvious, with or without space characters toggled on.
  • The editor is not configured to or did not automatically detect a file's indentation style.
  • Reusing code templates from previous projects or copying code from external sources.
  • Interference with local formatter settings.

For all these and similar occasions, this tool shall serve as a guide.


E.g., using a plugin manager like packer.nvim

use "tenxsoydev/tabs-vs-spaces.nvim"

-- ..
-- Then load it in a preferred location.

When using lazy.nvim it suffices to add this line to your lazy.setup() to use the plugin with it's default config.

{ "tenxsoydev/tabs-vs-spaces.nvim", config = true },

⚙️ Config

require("tabs-vs-spaces").setup {
  -- Preferred indentation. Possible values: "auto"|"tabs"|"spaces".
  -- "auto" detects the dominant indentation style in a buffer and highlights deviations.
  indentation = "auto",
  -- Use a string like "DiagnosticUnderlineError" to link the `TabsVsSpace` highlight to another highlight.
  -- Or a table valid for `nvim_set_hl` - e.g. { fg = "MediumSlateBlue", undercurl = true }.
  highlight = "DiagnosticUnderlineHint",
  -- Priority of highight matches.
  priority = 20,
  ignore = {
    filetypes = {},
    -- Works for normal buffers by default.
    buftypes = {
  standartize_on_save = false,
  -- Enable or disable user commands see Readme.md/#Commands for more info.
  user_commands = true,

 ›  Commands

  • :TabsVsSpacesToggle optional args on | buf_on | off | buff_off
  • :TabsVsSpacesStandartize works for current buffer or selected range :'<,'>TabsVsSpacesStandartize
  • :TabsVsSpacesConvert args spaces_to_tabs | tabs_to_spaces for current buffer or range.

Command args work with completion.

🤝 Complementary Tools