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Pretty Quickfix windows for NeoVim

nvim-pqf makes your quickfix and location list windows look nicer, thanks to a combination of a custom quickfixtextfunc function and custom syntax rules for quickfix/location list buffers.

Without nvim-pqf, your quickfix window looks like this:

Without nvim-pqf

With nvim-pqf, it looks like this (colours depend on your theme of course);

With nvim-pqf


  • Better highlights for line and column numbers
  • Highlights for the item type (error, warning, etc)
  • Item types use the same signs as NeoVim's diagnostic signs
  • File paths are aligned so messages always start at the same column, making them easier to read
  • Works for both quickfix and location list windows
  • Items only display the first line in case they contain multiple lines


  • NeoVim 0.8 or newer


First install this plugin using your plugin manager of choice. For example, when using vim-plug use the following:

Plug 'yorickpeterse/nvim-pqf'

Once installed, add the following Lua snippet to your init.lua:


And that's it!


Each item in the quickfix list starts with a sign that indicates the type of item, if this information is available. For example, when displaying diagnostics an item may start with E for an error, and W for a warning.

These signs are taken from the text attribute of NeoVim's diagnostic signs. Refer to :h diagnostic-signs for more information, and details on how to override these signs.

To configure these signs, and other options, see below:

  signs = {
    error = 'E',
    warning = 'W',
    info = 'I',
    hint = 'H'

  -- By default, only the first line of a multi line message will be shown. --
  When this is true, multiple lines will be shown for an entry, separated by a
  show_multiple_lines = false,

  -- How long filenames in the quickfix are allowed to be. 0 means no limit.
  -- Filenames above this limit will be truncated from the beginning with
  max_filename_length = 0,

  -- Prefix to use for truncated filenames.
  filename_truncate_prefix = '[...]',

Tweaking the highlights

Depending on your theme, you may need to tweak the highlights used by nvim-pqf. The following highlight groups are used:

Group Use
Directory The file path
Number Line and column numbers
DiagnosticError The sign for errors
DiagnosticWarn The sign for warnings
DiagnosticInfo The sign for info messages
DiagnosticHint The sign for hints


All source code in this repository is licensed under the Mozilla Public License version 2.0, unless stated otherwise. A copy of this license can be found in the file "LICENSE".