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A powerful plugin that lets Neovim Users choose & modify colors. This plugin supports RGB, HSL and HEX colors.

color picker 1v2


You can watch the full demo of the plugin here: Color Picker for Neovim! - color-picker.nvim Plugin Showcase

color picker 2

Transparency Slider & Numeric Input Update: Transparency Slider Support! - color-picker.nvim Development Update


Neovim 0.7 or higher.


For Packer

use ({"ziontee113/color-picker.nvim",
    config = function()

For vim-plug

Plug 'ziontee113/color-picker.nvim'
-- Initialize the plugin

Set Things Up:

local opts = { noremap = true, silent = true }

vim.keymap.set("n", "<C-c>", "<cmd>PickColor<cr>", opts)
vim.keymap.set("i", "<C-c>", "<cmd>PickColorInsert<cr>", opts)

-- vim.keymap.set("n", "your_keymap", "<cmd>ConvertHEXandRGB<cr>", opts)
-- vim.keymap.set("n", "your_keymap", "<cmd>ConvertHEXandHSL<cr>", opts)

require("color-picker").setup({ -- for changing icons & mappings
    -- ["icons"] = { "ﱢ", "" },
    -- ["icons"] = { "ﮊ", "" },
    -- ["icons"] = { "", "ﰕ" },
    -- ["icons"] = { "", "" },
    -- ["icons"] = { "", "" },
    ["icons"] = { "ﱢ", "" },
    ["border"] = "rounded", -- none | single | double | rounded | solid | shadow
    ["keymap"] = { -- mapping example:
        ["U"] = "<Plug>ColorPickerSlider5Decrease",
        ["O"] = "<Plug>ColorPickerSlider5Increase",
    ["background_highlight_group"] = "Normal", -- default
    ["border_highlight_group"] = "FloatBorder", -- default
  ["text_highlight_group"] = "Normal", --default

vim.cmd([[hi FloatBorder guibg=NONE]]) -- if you don't want weird border background colors around the popup.

Features & Default Keymaps:

Picking Colors:

By default:

  • h and l will increment the color slider value by 1.

  • u and i / a and d / A and D will increment the color slider value by 5.

  • s and w / S and W will increment the color slider value by 10.

  • o will change your color output

  • Number 0 to 9 will set the slider at your cursor to certain percentages. 0 sets to 0%, 9 sets to 90%, 5 sets to 50%.

  • H sets to 0%, M sets to 50%, L sets to 100%.

Multiple Sliders:

By default:

  • If your slider is on the 4th line (the same line as the color output preview), when you increment / set a color value, it will apply that change to all 3 sliders above it.
  • gu will select the 1st and 2nd sliders, gd will select the 2nd and 3rd sliders, gm will select the 1st and 3rd sliders.
  • Press x will deselect the slider group.

Manual Numeric Input:

  • If you press n, you can press number keys to input the color value manually for individual sliders or slider group. If you press any key that is not a number key, it will execute that key as normal.
  • For example: if you want to input 15 on the 1st slider: move your cursor to the 1st slider, press n then press 15. Then you can press k to move on to the next slider. The slider values will update as you type out the numbers.

Converting Colors (RGB/HEX/HSL)

  • When your cursor is on a corlor, use :PickColor to open up the picker, then press o to change the output type to RGB/HEX/HSL. Press Enter and the color under your cursor will be converted.

Transparency Mode

  • Press t to toggle Transparency Slider. While this mode is active, you will only be able to output the color as rgba() or hsla(). If you want to output as HEX, press t to get out of Transparency Mode, and you'll be able to press o to output your color as HEX.

Available Commands:






If you run into issues or come up with an awesome idea, please feel free to open an issue or PR.


The project is licensed under MIT license. See LICENSE file for details.


@max397574 for creating https://github.com/max397574/colortils.nvim.

@lars-vc for adding HEX transparency features #17

@Tired-Fox for adding shorthand HEX recognition #21